Soul Night is the first AI, nonfungible token (NFT) and art exhibition in New York City, held at 345 Adams Street in Brooklyn, New York, from Monday, June 20 to Thursday, June 23.

Soul Night is hosted by Aeon Studio, an NFT-incubation blockchain company, and Common Computer, a data-driven AI-network development company. The event features leading NFT projects from South Korea for visitors from worldwide during NFT.NYC.

The host project, Soul Fiction, is the world’s largest AI, NFT and art project in collaboration with Kang Hyung Koo, Korea’s leading hyper-realism artist. The exhibition features digital art projects such as Stradivarius NFT, using Stradivarius violin images and sounds; Ghost Project, using motion-capture AI technology to create a living avatar NFT; Baby Shark: Collection Number Two, an NFT avatar project led by the global family entertainment company Pinkfong; and Voiceverse, the world’s first AI voice NFT project. 

Twelve projects compose the Soul Night exhibition, providing the audience with a unique AI NFT experience.

Soul Night presents new NFT projects with the most up-to-date AI and interactive-art technology, where the audience can consistently communicate in the metaverse. Soul Night’s partners are taking a new step in the NFT world, creating projects unlike traditional profile picture projects.

Lucia Kang, founder of Aeon Studio, said, “Soul Night will open a new horizon called AINFT, which combines AI and NFT, along with the explosive growth of the metaverse and NFT markets.” 

Minhyun Kim, CEO of AI Network, said, “In the future, anyone will be able to communicate using NFT-based live characters using AI models. Soul Night will be the starting point of such [a] future.”

Soul Night is sponsored by NFT Bank, Wemade, AlphaWorks, HanDAO and Klaytn Foundation – the leaders of the NFT and metaverse scene. 

Details are on the Soul Night official website at