After several months of refinement and smart contract auditing, Space Coin Project is officially launching its ERC-20-token standard governance token Space Travel for Everyone (SPJ).

At this point in history, space flights are extremely expensive with limited seats and stifling bureaucracy for 99% of the world. In short, the barriers to entry are clearly high.

These limitations birthed the Space Coin Project. Chang, CEO of Space Coin Project, said, “Our mission is to create a social movement with a decentralized organization at its core to represent the community of space enthusiasts around the world.” 

Space Coin Project is solving the major challenges associated with space travel through a decentralized system that gives everyone a chance to purchase a space flight ticket. 

Space Coin Project offers a fair indexable market value for the cost of a trip to space and opens the opportunity to everyone using a model of collective purchasing power similar to Groupon.

SPJ wishes to partner with top space-travel companies for ticket offerings: 

  • Virgin Galactic: the world’s first commercial spaceline, connecting people globally through the wonders of space travel
  • Orbital Reef by Blue Origin: the premier mixed-use space station in low earth orbit
  • SpaceX: Commercial flights to both earth and lunar orbit, letting passengers experience the planet from more than 300,000 kilometers above.

According to the Space Coin Project team, SpaceDAO is uniting space travel enthusiasts and represents those individuals fascinated by the stars. It wants to be the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to join the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and similar organizations. Currently, there is no voice representing the mass public in these space-focused institutions, bridging the gap between them and everyday citizens who wish to visit space. 

The SPJ token lets users vote on key SpaceDAO initiatives, including future liquidation-process changes. SpaceDAO is currently determining the number of tokens needed to redeem for a trip to space, and it hopes to help adopt mass space travel by collectively purchasing large amounts of space-travel tickets.


The SPJ token has a total supply of 5 billion and an initial circulating supply of 2 billion. 

About SPJ:

Space Coin Project is a gamified, novel system to help ordinary people participate in the future of space flight through voting and holding at least one SPJ token. Purchasing and staking SPJ permits the future possibility of commercial space travel and bestows decision-making authority to the community. A top initiative is fostering relationships with space travel companies and hearing the community’s voice. 

SPJ is a utility token in the Space Coin Project ecosystem and a way of interacting with the decentralized space flight community emerging in Web3.

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