Matthew Hoffman, founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor — a tight-knit association of advisors with A-list celebrity clients, influencers, professional athletes, musicians, creators and producers — today announced the speakers for the upcoming and highly anticipated Trusted X LA Summit on June 15, 2022.

The conference will look at blockchain technology and its two subsectors, cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens, from the perspective of entertainment industry advisors with creative, high-net worth clients seeking concrete guidance.

The speakers include:

  • Baron Davis — two-time NBA All-Star and studio analyst for the NBA on TNT
  • Leah Lamarr — comedian and Web3 advisor
  • Reed Ryan — associate vice president and corporate counsel at Christie’s
  • David Wachsman — CEO of Wachsman
  • Vickie Nauman — founder and CEO of CrossBorderWorks
  • Mickey Maher — SVP of platform and blockchain partnerships at Dapper Labs
  • John Kraski — co-founder of NFT Thought Leaders
  • Francine Ballard — CEO of MetaGolden
  • Charles Adkins — co-founder of NFT Thought Leaders
  • Leonard Armato — founder and CEO of MPE
  • Tamar Kaprelian — Nvak Collective
  • Jacob Martin — general partner at 2 Punks Capital
  • John Paller — founder and steward of Opolis
  • Jack O’Holleran — co-founder and CEO of Skale Labs
  • Rob Bonstein — Hifi
  • Jackie Fast — managing partner at Sandbox Ventures
  • Harrison Wang — co-founder of Unblocked 

“We are at the beginning of generational technology and an obvious opportunity for marginalized communities to take advantage of it. I’m excited about building the More Than Us venture studio to ensure that no one is left behind,” said keynote speaker Baron Davis on his organization.

Matthew Hoffman, the founder of Trusted Advisor, commented: “Over the past few years, having a few clients ‘dabbling’ in cryptocurrency has turned into a powerful set of tools for entertainers to generate revenue as well as engage and grow their fanbase. In many cases, musicians generated more revenue from NFTs and investing in cryptocurrencies in the past two years than anything else.”

The single-day summit will be hosted in Los Angeles and is dedicated to NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrency, specifically focusing on tax and legal implications for artists, understanding ownership rights, risk, protecting digital assets, investment best practices, minting NFTs, revenue generation and more.

Founded in 2020, Matthew Hoffman has worked to build the Trusted Advisor brand with the mission of fostering an exclusive community of entertainment business managers, artist managers, entertainment attorneys and celebrity family offices. These advisors, like their clients, have unique needs from a tech, investment, cybersecurity and risk perspective.

The association is bound together through education initiatives, private meetups and global summits. Trusted Advisor has longstanding partnerships with leading institutions such as Signature Bank, Miller Kaplan, Momentous Insurance Brokerage and

More information about the event is up on the site.

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