Staking is generally open to anyone who wants to participate; it has become one of the most efficient ways of earning, investing and relishing rewards from investments. The team of Universe Island understands the need and convenience of staking. It has ensured its players a chance to stake its primary in-game currency, UIM tokens, in order to utilize and enjoy the play-to-earn (P2E) experience fully.

Staking in Universe Island is a tool provided to all players to make the most out of the game while also giving tokenholders governance rights and a say in future changes, decisions and upgrades pertaining to the game. By staking, players can mint nonfungible token (NFT) cards as an added boost in games and as a souvenir that can be displayed in a metaverse gallery or equipped to characters with augmented reality technology. These NFT cards can also be bought from other players on the platform’s NFT marketplace with no additional fees while trading with UIM tokens. However, an additional 5% in fees will have to be paid while using BNB.

The team of Universe Island has also come up with a new way to allow players who are staking to automatically get NFTs in a rare NFT airdrop monthly to further reward its players for their patience and effort. Those who stake for six months will receive an NFT that will give them the right to whitelist, enabling them to buy land and much more. All that the player needs to do is stake, and the more they hold, the better the rewards will be in terms of rarity.

With the sole priority of providing a safe and unique gaming experience in an ever-evolving and developing ecosystem, the team of Universe Island has done its best to make all aspects of the game and staking as easy as possible. The listing is scheduled for April 18, 2022, with the launch date following soon after. Universe Island is geared to bring to its players a classic shooting game with a P2E ecosystem never seen before. All players need is curiosity, crypto and the eagerness to try something new, and they’ll be welcomed into a metaverse that is sure to redefine mobile gaming.

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