Welcome to the next evolution of crypto launches. StarLaunch is the first insured project accelerator and launchpad for the Solana network, created by the team behind the success of CardStarter.

The StarLaunch community will enjoy guaranteed allocations following a familiar tier system, coupled with the same insurance program offered on CardStarter. Projects and investors will enjoy a smooth experience with an easy Know Your Customer process. Candidate projects will be incubated in the StarLaunch Propulsion Program and be provided with direct access to an extensive internal network of partners.

Why Solana? The team believes that layer-two platforms are not viable long-term solutions. Additionally, Solana offers affordable and low-volatility transaction fees at an average cost of $0.00025 per transaction, as well as incredibly fast transaction times of up to 65,000 transactions per second in tests and up to 700,000 theoretical. In fact, contrary to most of its counterparts, Solana’s transaction times accelerate with increased usage. With these features, Solana is one of the most well-suited platforms for the next generation of decentralized finance.

The team approached StarLaunch with the same vigor and vitality, emulating the right balance between project incubation and community building, which were also the key ingredients of CardStarter’s success story. Community investors will be connected with projects that are trusted and thoroughly vetted by a combination of the core CardStarter team and extended StarLaunch-focused crew.

With humble beginnings of a modest market capitalization of approximately $450,000, CardStarter saw an astronomical rise in value, reaching over $239 million within two months (53,300%). Additionally, the project has garnered a loyal community of over 55,0000 supporters. The team achieved this by treating every project that chose to work with it as its own and brought immense value to each. To date, projects incubated through CardStarter enjoyed an average return on investment of over 12,000%. The team also places the priorities of the community above its own, as can be seen with the commitment of using platform-generated revenue for a highly successful community insurance policy: Initial DEX offering participants are protected for up to 100% of their contribution amount at no cost.

The strength of the team lies in facilitating the fundraising and incubation of promising young ventures. With the rise of numerous layer-one platforms today and rapidly expanding crypto sectors, the team quickly recognized the need for its expertise on other platforms.

The launchpad sector has seen tremendous growth in the crypto industry through 2021. There are over 30 launchpads today, despite only a handful existing in Q4 of 2020. The market cap of the launchpad sector is approximately $2 billion today, with plenty more room for growth. While modern projects offer multi-platform launches (the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon), many users find that launchpads with expertise and focus on single-chain platforms often provide a better experience. StarLaunch is poised to be a leading player within the Solana ecosystem, in lockstep with Cardano-based sister platform, CardStarter.

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