Conducting one successful initial NFT offering (INO) after another, Startfi is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of PixelRobots INO by PixelVerse on the Startfi Launchpad Platform. Startfi continues to be a one-stop shop for projects looking to launch their INOs, pursuing their goal of being a project incubation center, resulting in a solid long-term collaboration between both projects.

To start, we would like to give a brief introduction to what PixelVerse is and then lay out the exciting details about the primary nonfungible token (NFT) collection PixelRobots. 

What is PixelVerse?

PixelVerse is a next-generation metaverse NFT ecosystem and platform for games, communities and creators.

PixelVerse is a multi-blockchain virtual world where users can acquire, display and interact with NFTs in a collaborative setting. The platform serves as a one-stop-shop for NFT projects, allowing users to take advantage of features such as PixelBuild, PixelClout and PixelLaunch. 

PixelBuild is an innovative toolset that enables developers to create multimedia NFTs on a variety of blockchains. 

PixelClout is a platform feature that allows certified creators and organizations to receive PixelVerse tokens. Fans and speculators can trade and support talented and popular creators based on their standing in the PixelVerse ecosystem. 

PixelLaunch allows users to launch NFT collections, land sales, hero or weapon sales, and implement entire projects into the fast-growing PixelVerse ecosystem.

PixelRobots: The first NFT collection that powers and benefits from the PixelVerse ecosystem

PixelRobots is the premier NFT collection of PixelVerse. PixelRobots acts as a multi-utility NFT for the PixelVerse ecosystem, including PixelDeFi and PixelLaunch.

The PixelRobots NFT collection will consist of 10,000 uniquely designed NFTs having five different robot levels, ranging from Baby Bot, Tiny Bot, Alpha Bot, Whale Bot and Pixel Bot. The Baby Bot NFTs will account for 6,000 NFTs of the overall collection, while the Tiny Bot NFTs will account for 3,000, the Alpha Bot NFTs will account for 800, the Whale Bot will account for the 175 NFTs; whereas the Pixel Bot NFTs will only account for the 25 of the entire collection. The minting price will be $350, and the collection will be initially live on the Binance Smart Chain.

Utilities of the PixelRobots NFTs for their holders

The motivation for owning an NFT changes from person to person. Some would like to own a piece of an NFT collection just because they like the appearance; some think it will have a greater price appreciation in the future; whereas some people choose to use them as a cool profile picture. When you mint a PixelRobot, aside from owning a cute PixelRobot NFT, these NFTs will also provide their holders with several utilities and perks. To begin, owning one or more PixelRobots NFTs will enable holders to earn passive income from the PixelDeFi protocol fees. Users will also have the chance to level up their PixelRobots, utilizing the play-to-earn feature to upgrade their PixelRobots. Another cool opportunity that will be given to the PixelRobots holders is the ability to experience their PixelRobots in the metaverse and the partner games of PixelVerse.

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Startfi states that it is thrilled to host PixelVerse’s PixelRobots NFT Collection INO on its platform and is eager to start the minting process for this outstanding collection. Its collaboration with PixelVerse on the launch of its INO on the platform goes beyond a typical NFT sale. In line with its long-term vision and mission, Startfi will assist projects that conduct INOs on its platform via marketing campaigns, raising awareness about the project, engaging and bringing different communities of the parties together, and establishing a long-term synergistic partnership.

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