The XIGNAL Cryptocurrency Exchange is the first global exchange approved by the Kazakh government to comply with policies and regulations, and the biggest feature is that it provides non-face-to-face bank accounts service to foreigners through contracts with Alfa Bank in Kazakhstan. This means that many overseas cryptocurrency traders can conveniently purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies with cash, and the Kazakhstan government is highly expecting that it will bring in foreign currency through the XIGANL exchange.

In addition, XIGNAL Cryptocurrency Exchange is preparing to provide various functions and services to revitalize the domestic economy in Kazakhstan. In particular, “Kazakhstan overseas workers can remit to their home country conveniently by using overseas remittance service and use cryptocurrency as collateral for loan service, and simple payment services infrastructure for online and offline use is going to establish.” And also “an AML (Anti-Money Laundry) solution for personal KYC authentication, international money laundering prevention, and an abnormal transaction warning system, etc., is going to introduce” is mentioned, that users around the world can safely trade cryptocurrency.

The CEO of XIGNAL Cryptocurrency Exchange said: 

"We are preparing to open the XIGNAL Cryptocurrency exchange service in January 2021, and we aim to build a block chain hub in Central Asia, centering on Kazakhstan."