After a highly successful public sale set to end on April 30, StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh has announced the upcoming listing of StreamCoin (STRM) on more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges, starting the first week of May.

In a live interview session hosted by Chaybeh, he said that STRM would be listed on these exchanges simultaneously. These exchanges will include both centralized and decentralized (DEX) platforms. The company also said this listing would allow STRM investors to bolster their market position due to the high availability of trading options.

The listing of STRM on more than 100 exchanges is part of StreamCoin’s detailed goal this year. In addition, the company will be launching its swapping service StreamCoin Bridge to streamline the exchange-listing process, especially on DEXs. StreamCoin Bridge allows users to swap their STRM from one blockchain to another. 

Chaybeh said originally, STRM was a BEP20-protocol token. With StreamCoin Bridge, STRM holders will be able to migrate their tokens from Binance Smart Chain to other networks.

As mentioned above, the team expects STRM to become widely available to the greater crypto market after the 100-plus exchange listing. This is part of the company’s growth strategy, along with the alpha launching of MeiTalk — a multi-streaming platform that accepts cryptocurrency, integrates video NFTs and offers other revolutionary features. 

According to the company, STRM will have a crucial role in the success of MeiTalk. While the platform can be accessed for free, there are certain features that will require the use of cryptocurrency, particularly STRM, which will lead to an increased demand for the crypto asset. StreamCoin will also be launching a staking portal, which will allow STRM tokenholders to earn more by participating in a staking pool soon to be announced. 

Investors only have less than two weeks to join the STRM public sale. Those who invest at least $50 can still participate in the referral program for extra STRM. In addition, they will be entitled to free GaStream (GSTRM) rewards via airdrop. 

GSTRM will become the native utility asset of the StreamCoin ecosystem. Currently, GSTRM can be obtained for free as an airdrop bonus and as a reward for answering surveys at Real Research, StreamCoin’s partner online survey application.

Those who want to participate in the StreamCoin public sale can visit the official page here. Interested parties are advised to follow StreamCoin’s official social media communities for updates.