Streamflow is excited to announce a $3.1-million seed round led by Jump Crypto with participation from Solana Ventures, GBV Capital, Hypersphere Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Genblock Capital, AngelDAO, Paribus Ventures, T3E, Amber Group, Solidity Ventures, Ratio Finance, Huobi Ventures and MEXC Labs. The capital raised will go toward growing the team to build a powerful, real-time token distribution suite for teams and treasuries on the Solana network. 


Streamflow provides a suite of tools every Solana organization can use to manage and stream value. This suite includes token vesting, payroll and batch payments in addition to a safe, secure multi-signature wallet. The Streamflow real-time, value-streaming vision is flexible and efficient, and for this reason, Streamflow already offers the opportunity to cancel or transfer streamed transactions while the team looks to continue innovating with these values in mind.

“Programmable blockchains opened a world of possibilities. Streaming payments are one of them. Existing IT and financial infrastructure cannot support and guarantee continuous payments — but low fee, high-throughput blockchain [technology] can. This financial primitive is a building block for progressive payrolls, fundraising, investing, equity vesting, subscriptions and other pay-per-usage use cases. We envision a future where one can earn yield on a stream, collateralize it, trade it, break it down into smaller streams or group multiple streams into bigger ones. We envision a future where money never stops, and money streams and flows,” said Malisha, co-founder of Streamflow.

“Latent demand for advanced token vesting and money streaming on Solana has been evident for some time now. As teams become increasingly distributed and projects continue to pay contributors via recurring streams of stablecoins and project tokens, primitives that help pre-program and manage these transactions become increasingly important. The Streamflow team has some of the most talented engineers in the Solana ecosystem building this product at a breakneck pace. We couldn’t be more excited to back Streamflow as they build the future of money streaming on Solana,” said Shanav K Mehta, vice president of investments at Jump Crypto.

“Streamflow is solving a major pain point that every developer encounters when building their project. By streamlining payroll, vesting schedules and more, developers are able to focus on building their projects instead of having to worry about sending funds or structuring custom contracts to complete mundane operational tasks. We are excited to support Streamflow in its quest of increasing operational efficiency for teams building on Solana,” said Jack Platts, co-founder of Hypersphere.

Streamflow investors

Jump Crypto is the lead investor, with other investors including Phantom, Neon Labs, Saber, BlockFi, CoinList, TradingView and more. Streamflow is gaining a strong partner with an impressive track record in growing and scaling pivotal crypto products. 

With all of Streamflow’s investors, the project can gain a first-rate, top group of advisors and network both in Solana and across the crypto space.

What’s next?

Streamflow is now live and audited on mainnet.

Streamflow’s next steps include:

  • Ramping up the onboarding of teams onto the Streamflow token distribution suite.
  • Adding liquid vesting contracts.
  • Launching an intuitive and powerful multi-signature wallet.
  • Adding support for batch payments.
  • A comprehensive user interface and experience upgrade, bringing a full-fledged dashboard experience.

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