As the era of widespread crypto adoption approaches, the market is recovering remarkably from previous downturns and rebuilding a flourishing crypto landscape with existing projects full of vitality and their loyal supporters. The public blockchain Sui Network is set to launch its mainnet on May 3, 2023, generating optimistic market expectations for all Web3 enthusiasts in the current quarter. Boba Brewery recognizes that new projects require more rigorous analysis, particularly in terms of collective behavior within ecosystems. Sui Network has already provided a favorable environment for its ecosystem with hundreds of incubated projects prior to their launch events. Three promising projects on the Sui Network have partnered with Boba Brewery to form an alliance and prepare for collaboration with the Sui ecosystem.

Cross-chain launchpad

Boba Brewery is the premier launchpad for decentralized fundraising on Boba and other chains, offering the most innovative and in-demand projects in a fair, secure and efficient manner. As a multi-chain launchpad, Boba Brewery greatly values community support, actively listens to feedback and continually strives to enhance its platform. Sharing mutual appreciation for easy-to-use interfaces, low gas fees and asset security, Boba Brewery has connected with the Sui ecosystem and is ready to launch exceptional Sui projects on its platform.

Sui GameFi project

LuckyStar demonstrates how an analog random number generator functions in GameFi play-to-earn tokenomics. With a flawless design benefiting liquidity providers, all rewards generated from games are returned to them. LuckyStar’s tokenomics are designed to increase token value by reducing selling pressure when users prefer staking their assets, as all potential revenue created by the protocol is fully distributed to players, liquidity providers, community members and other contributors. LuckyStar is currently hosting a gift box campaign in partnership with SafePal, a leading hardware wallet company in Web3, to attract more high-net-worth holders to join the LuckyStar ecosystem.

Cross-chain GameFi project

AIDA META, the next IDO (initial DEX offering) project on Sui Network, is a fully on-chain gaming platform built on high-efficiency blockchains such as BSC and SUI. It is the first batch of GameFi projects in new public chains. AIDA aims to become the Web3 on-ramp for Web2 users with the existing category of Web2 casual games.

Sui DeFi project

Scallop is building the next-generation money market. It’s the leading lending and borrowing protocol on Sui with features like flash loan, swap and bridges on a unified platform and offering a software development kit for professional traders that maximizes their profit, such as through zero-interest loans. Scallop is the first DeFi project to receive grants from the Sui Foundation, and the team ranked in the top three in the CTF Challenge.