On March 11, “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” — the first digital collection of its kind auctioned by the international auction giant Christie’s — was sold out successfully at nearly $70 million, sending nonfungible tokens and crypto art to the altar with fame and honor, leading blockchains and cryptocurrencies to stride into the mainstream and taking them to stand under the spotlight of the whole world.

The trading volume of its category exceeded $1.5 billion in the first quarter of this year. Although it took up only a small portion of the whole encryption world, the NFT market is developing rapidly with a quarter-on-quarter growth rate of 2,627%.

There are numerous emerging platforms and projects striving to address the current market pain points in the diversified NFT market, which are also indispensable in the future development and construction of the crypto art world. Among the many ecological constructors of NFTs, SupreNFT, a comprehensive NFT platform with strong intellectual property resource accumulation, will further enrich the asset types in the NFT market and popularize the ecology of crypto art.

SupreNFT is a diversified and integrated NFT platform dedicated to “NFTify” and digitalize the world’s top artworks. It also works to provide NFT creation, trade, auction, real NFT object mapping, mortgage, NFT social communication and other application functions as a way to offer a complete ecological system for artists and users.


Core advantages of SupreNFT

Leading IP resource system

In the field of painting creation, which attracts the most attention in crypto art, SupreNFT has a vision of high-level foresight and a strategy of an in-depth layout. By establishing strategic cooperation with Picasso Group, it owns the precious NFT copyright of the works of the “soul painter” Picasso, the pioneer of modern arts.


SupreNFT will work together with Picasso Group to NFTify Picasso’s works and develop art IPs, enabling more people to know about and love crypto art, and sweep the world with the renaissance of NFT CryptoArts.

Besides the copyright of Picasso’s works, SupreNFT has also established strategic cooperation with Color China Entertainment, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Color Planet Technologies, to release movie rights, online concert tickets and videos, peripheral products and videos of stars, music and TV copyrights, and other contents owned by Color Planet Technologies in the form of NFTs, as a way to create more assets for its NFT market.

As SupreNFT Foundation signs contracts with more famous IPs and carries out in-depth cooperation with them, they will build the NFT super business landscape together. 

Excellent cross-chain solution

As a cross-chain decentralized NFT protocol, SupreNFT aims to become the infrastructure of NFTs in the multi-chain era, providing various basic services including NFT asset generating, trading, maintenance, recycling, data processing and governance. Developers can create various products related to the creation, trade, analysis, derivatives and data of NFT assets based on the SupreNFT protocols.

As a multi-chain NFT platform, SupreNFT will firstly complete its function development on the Binance Smart Chain and develop it on the Ethereum blockchain and Heco synchronically, subsequently supporting other blockchains including Flow and Polkadot Chain.

The emergence of SupreNFT will promote multi-chain NFT eco-communication. Its value lies in meeting the users’ demands with such a huge volume. With its high compatibility and iterability, the SupreNFT cross-chain solution breaks down information barriers in the blockchains and enables cross-chain assets, offering the NFT market more possibilities and imagination.

Fostering an integrated NFT ecology with complete product functions

As a diversified and integrated NFT super platform, SupreNFT supports functions such as NFT casting, splitting, auction and mystery box. 

In order to improve users’ sense of participation and enable everyone to be a creator, the platform allows users to become “creators” by mortgaging their tokens. Creators can create peripheral works by recreating the IPs submitted to the platform, which will be voted on a periodical basis by all users holding and mortgaging the platform coins. Excellent works selected during each period could win the opportunity to be NFTified. The rights of NFT casting are given to the users.

As a bridge connecting the digital and real world, NFTs are being recognized by an increasing number of people. However, NFTs need to be injected with more varieties of assets in order to be accepted by more users. With its strong IP resource accumulation and superior product functions, SupreNFT is bound to stand out from the NFT crowd, bring richer asset varieties and a broader market for NFTs. Positioned to be at the mass entrance of crypto art and having NFTs at your fingertips, SupreNFT will take the lead in the renaissance of the encryption world.