As a leading exchange in Southeast Asia, CoinTiger has always provided outstanding services and has been dedicated to select valuable cryptocurrencies for users to invest in. In this DeFi season, many projects have shown their passion and value, while an increasing number of projects are waiting to blossom. Among them, lots of projects have decimal accuracy issues (with more than eight decimals) that have a large amount of total supply but a small value in Tether (USDT), such as SafeGalaxy, a star token that has been listed in CoinTiger and has nine decimals with a value of 0.0000001 USDT. 


In order to accept more outstanding tokens with decimal accuracy issues to be listed in CoinTiger and also have a more user-friendly price display, CoinTiger just announced a way to solve the problem: USDT-sUSDT swap. 

CoinTiger just posted an announcement, noting:

“Satoshi USDT (sUSDT) is a stablecoin used for micropayment, based on the price of USDT, and 1 sUSDT = 0.001 USDT. The token is only used for tradings in CoinTiger, and on-chain transactions are unavailable at present.”

CoinTiger’s way of solving decimal accuracy issues is to offer a smaller version of USDT, which can be swapped to USDT with a ratio of 1:0.001.

CoinTiger emphasizes that sUSDT is only to be swapped in CoinTiger at present, and it’s used as a tool to support tokens that have more decimal places to be exchanged in CoinTiger. Thus, on-chain transactions are unavailable. After listing sUSDT, tokens with decimal accuracy issues will be able to have sUSDT trading pairs.

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Since the DeFi season started, CoinTiger has selected a variety of valuable tokens for users to invest in. In addition to catering to our users and providing more user-friendly services, CoinTiger also cares about the needs of cooperating projects. In an industry that changes almost daily, one must adapt to new topics and norms in a short period of time. CoinTiger will quickly adjust its position and services accordingly to become the most dynamic and visionary exchange in the industry.

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