Swell has launched on Ethereum in public beta, and for a limited time only, it’s offering zero-fee liquid staking and the opportunity to participate in its voyage to decentralization.

Swell is now live on Ethereum in public beta and is inviting stakers with all levels of experience to boost their yields by liquid staking with zero fees for a limited period.

Through a streamlined decentralized application (DApp), Swell makes liquid staking simpler than ever before. Stakers can earn some of the highest yields available on the market, while retaining control of their Ether (ETH) in self-custody. Yields are delivered through a reward-bearing token model, which minimizes tax headaches and makes it easy to deploy staked ETH to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Early stakers will not only benefit from a limited period of zero fees but will also have the opportunity to participate in Swell’s voyage, which aims to rally the community during Swell’s launch period and progressively decentralize the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Daniel Dizon, Swell Labs’ founder and CEO, said:

“Most liquid staking protocols suffer from overcomplexity, poor user experience and high fees that eat into staking yield. Swell’s simplified zero-fee model opens liquid staking to everyone, helping more people participate and ultimately ensuring the security of the Ethereum blockchain.”

To ensure the highest levels of security, Swell has undergone extensive testing, including a smart contract audit by leading firm Sigma Prime, a testnet launch on Goerli and a successful guarded private launch.

Get more information about Swell, including how to liquid stake in three simple steps, on the Swell blog.

About Swell Network

Swell is a noncustodial Ethereum liquid staking protocol that makes it easy to stake ETH and access DeFi strategies in one place.