This year, Binance Smart Chain has become immensely popular. Developed by Binance to expand its ecosystem, Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain network for running smart contract-based applications. One of the most innovative and impactful BSC projects that is gaining significant attention in the cryptocurrency market is Swinate. Developed to connect crypto with the stock market and real estate sector, Swinate is a project that acts as a bridge between cryptocurrencies, digital assets, the stock market and investment in the real estate sector. 

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, the project will have real estate-backed tokens where the SWIN Token will function as a digital version of REITs, real estate investment trusts, backed by real estate development projects that are tangible and traceable. With the help of the SWIN token, crypto traders will be able to invest in real estate and the stock market without spending a fortune. 

Why Swinate will be crypto’s next big thing 

With the crypto trading landscape growing at a breakneck pace, it is certain that traditional finance and crypto needn’t be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Combining the simplicity and user-friendliness of traditional banking with the allure of the crypto market could be the formula that will help crypto to crossover into everyday life.

Swinate is paving the path to facilitate this transitioning economy by combining the stock market, real estate fund and smart staking system with their digital money solution. Swinate also redistributes the tax (8% slippage) paid by buyers and sellers among holders.

Advantages of the Swinate Token 

Here are some of the benefits of the Swinate Token, which can add tremendous value to your portfolio: 

  • Customers can earn interest by holding SWIN Token on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Staking SWIN Token works via the RFI mechanism where there is no need to freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets. This not only generates passive income but also keeps some tokens out of circulation and encourages holding and not selling.
  • The smart contract adds an 8% fee to each transaction. From this, a 3% fee will be distributed among holders, thus rewarding strong holders. The remaining 5% will be added to the liquidity pool by smart contracts that are locked. This adds to the trading experience and makes it deflationary.
  • The token will be a bridge to the stock market. There can be automated transfers of dividends directly to and from bank accounts.
  • In the real estate field, ownership of each property is distributed across Swinate holders. Based on the specific token share, owners will have the ability to collect revenue from rent and vote on property decisions.
  • After creating the token with solid token economics, the passive income community token — with a rising price floor — will be evolved into a utility token. 

Swinate has also expanded in terms of implementation of smart contracts, new strategic alliances, partnerships, bank application (fiat/crypto), broker/stock exchanges and accounts registration. In addition, the company is planning to add several cutting-edge features including task automation, expanding the staking platform, automated stock market dividends and fractional investments in tokenized real estate assets. 

Swinate is well-positioned to offer investors and users a wealth of tools at their fingertips to get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Join the crypto wave with Swinate and be a part of the fintech revolution.

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