Oct. 17, 2022 — Symbiosis is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol. OccamX’s partner is now adding the Milkomeda chain to its protocol. Milkomeda thus joins the list of Symbiosis partners, which also includes Blueshift.

OccamX launched its decentralized exchange in collaboration with Milkomeda, a sidechain on Cardano and one of the leading layer-1 (L1) chains that is now Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible (EVM). Milkomeda is a protocol designed to improve blockchain interoperability by delivering EVM capabilities to non-EVM blockchains, like Cardano and Algorand. This is accomplished by building layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions like sidechains and rollups, on which the EVM operates, and then connecting these L2s to non-EVM blockchains, L1s, via permissionless bridges.

This strategic partnership will bring even more benefits for all the partners that use Symbiosis under the hood. They will get Milkomeda support, for example, from Rubic, XDAO, Via Exchange and many other leading players. This year, Symbiosis has also partnered with OccamX, which has allowed the seamless flow of liquidity to and from OccamX, using Symbiosis’ advanced order routing technology over the Milkomeda network. As a result of the partnership, all of Symbiosis’ institutional partners gain cross-chain exposure to CNTs and deep ADA liquidity through the Milkomeda network and OccamX’s execution layer.

Symbiosis believes that this will stimulate huge adoption of the new network by the community. Such a partnership will not only serve the development goals of the Cardano ecosystem, Milkomeda and Symbiosis but will also help to reach the goals of each individual partner faster and easier.

Milkomeda has also launched its Milkomeda Algorand Rollup (A1) Rollup on the Algorand public testnet. The Milkomeda A1 Rollup is an EVM-based, L2 technology that functions through a novel data availability protocol and was developed specifically to bring EVM capabilities to the Algorand blockchain. It will bring a completely new experience to the users of both Milkomeda and Algorand.

Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the exciting upcoming activities and new L2 partnerships.