Symbiosis is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Milkomeda that will open up new opportunities for the cross-chain experience. 

The strategic decision to start this partnership was obvious, as Symbiosis has already begun working with OccamX to provide the seamless flow of liquidity to and from OccamX with Symbiosis’s advanced order-routing technology on the Milkomeda network.

Milkomeda is a protocol that brings Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) capability to non-EVM blockchains, providing a seamless user experience for developers and users. The partnership is the next step to a brighter future. 

What’s great about it?

Symbiosis has created a bridge between its native token SIS and milkADA (mADA) to help make any-to-any swaps from Ether (ETH) to mADA and back. The SIS-mADA pool is on OccamX:

Since Milkomeda does not have a native stablecoin, a specially created pool is used for initial swapping. The pool connects the Symbiosis stablecoin (sUSDC) and mADA while routing for any assets performed via mADA.

These integrations help the project create a borderless crypto world where users can seamlessly transact with tokens of various chains. 

Symbiosis has the goal of adding as many chains as possible and easily connect them while overcoming their limitations. There is great potential in such strategic collaborations, and the current partnership with Milkomeda eases swaps between EVM networks and Cardano.

Stay tuned, and don’t miss out on the exciting upcoming activities and new layer-2 partnerships.