Taraxa, a public blockchain ledger purpose-built for tracking informal off-chain transactions, has released an incentivized testnet to stress-test its technical capabilities and pave the way for its mainnet. As the next step on Taraxa’s technical roadmap, the incentivized testnet comes with generous bounties for both professional node operators and community members. Anyone can join now to start earning rewards and participating in the testnet’s challenges.

Dubbed Californicum, the incentivized testnet is a part of the pre-staking phase of the overall network rollout aimed to involve the greater crypto community to help stress test and improve the security and stability of the Taraxa network, all without putting real assets at risk. Community members will have the opportunity to participate not only in technical bounties such as operating a node but also in social bounties to help spread the word about Taraxa’s mission and growing ecosystem. 


As per co-founder and CEO of Taraxa Steven Pu: “The roll-out of Californicum testnet is the culmination of our extensive research, development, and testing by the Taraxa core team and community. We invite all our community members and professional node operators to take this opportunity to take part in technical bounties and community challenges - your participation and feedback are critical to Taraxa’s success.” Head of Marketing and BD, Olga Grinina adds: 'We're very excited for the applications to be built on top of Taraxa network, as well as the upcoming partnerships with the industry's biggest players'. 

About Taraxa

Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast, scalable and device-friendly public ledger designed to track informal and unstructured transactional data to minimize business friction. Founded in 2018 by a group of accomplished engineers and academics, Taraxa has not only built a state-of-the-art decentralized infrastructure, but also delivered market-tested application platforms to secure machine state integrity, and track everyday agreements between people. 

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