Blockchain company TBCC announced the launch of its innovative crypto trading platform called TBCC Exchange. TBCC Exchange is built on Binance Cloud technology and provides a unique trading platform for crypto users globally. 

Crypto users can leverage one of the largest liquidity pools in the world and trade multiple market options. TBCC supports more than 100 trading pairs including popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), meme and decentralized finance tokens. 

TBCC is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes trading easy for beginners and provides advanced trading tools for expert traders. In addition, users can leverage low transaction fees to exchange digital assets, and funds are kept safe using the latest security systems. 

TBCC uses the latest technologies that ensure high-speed transactions within its user-friendly interface. Beginners are provided the basics of trading management through the TBCC Trading Academy, which provides a platform with courses and detailed information on exchange trading and how to make money while minimizing risks.

TBCC also deploys a strong customer support team that responds quickly to its customers’ questions and complaints. An online chat provides a quick way to answer users’ questions, while support teams are also available on the official Telegram channels. 

TBCC Exchange is available in three languages, namely English, Chinese and Russian, making it a truly global trading platform. It can also be accessed globally from both computer and mobile platforms on Android and iOS devices. 

Users can also partake in reward programs to earn free tokens for referring family and friends to the TBCC Exchange platform. TBCC is licensed in Seychelles, an island nation that is fast becoming the home of blockchain companies due to its favorable regulations. Other crypto exchanges registered in Seychelles include Huobi Global and BitMEX. 

TBCC token to power TBCC Exchange

TBCC’s native token, TBCC, also serves as the utility token for TBCC Exchange. TBCC is a BEP-20 token designed to provide users access to plenty of benefits within the TBCC ecosystem. 

Holders can trade, save, pay for transaction fees and speculate using the token on TBCC Exchange. In addition, holders can also access upcoming DeFi, centralized finance and nonfungible token products within the ecosystem. 

The TBCC token is also the governance token for the TBCC blockchain, and holders can vote on proposals and new features for the exchange. The token is listed on several exchanges including ProBit, BitBox and 

“In less than two months of work in test mode, more than 7,000 people have registered on TBCC Exchange, and the total number of token holders is more than 12,450 people. We are actively developing and working on new strategies. For example, the team is now preparing for the release of a trading course and its own system of trading signals. In the near future, other updates will be announced, which will increase the value of tokens,” said Maria Bulanaeva, the head of the TBCC Exchange project.

About TBCC 

TBCC is a blockchain project that is dedicated to fostering crypto adoption by developing blockchain-based products. It comprises TBCC Exchange and the TBCC token, which allows users to make crypto transactions with ease and within a secure environment. This is achieved through strategic cooperation with Binance and leveraging its unique Cloud technology infrastructure.


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