With the booming interest in Telegram bots, cryptocurrency exposure has found an innovative channel. As of early August 2023, the cumulative crypto trading volume via Telegram bots surpassed a staggering $190 million, as noted by Binance Research.

This momentum around Telegram trading bots set the stage for the 800-million-strong Telegram community to pivot toward Web3. Highlighting this shift is the introduction of TON Space — a self-custody wallet built in Telegram. Starting today, all existing 2.5 million wallet users and newcomers seeking secure and easy ways to store, manage and trade digital assets are invited to join TON Space and interact with Web3 directly within Telegram. TON Space offers important features, including support for collectibles and connecting to external DeFi applications.

The gaming sector is also tapping into Telegram’s vast resources. A standout example is the Fanton project: A fantasy soccer game ingeniously embedded into Telegram. Today, Fanton stands tall as the most played game in the TON ecosystem by monthly active users (MAU) and boasts being the first to incorporate TON Space.

Eldar Khayretdinov, Fanton’s CEO, commented:

“TON Space integration promises a smoother user experience. Now, gamers can dive straight into action without any external wallet apps. Everything’s right there in Telegram.”

The project is spearheaded by Vadim Sterlin and Eldar Khairetdinov, who previously worked with play-to-earn games for Eastern Europe’s most expansive loyalty program. Fanton’s primary objective is broadening TON’s user base, with soccer fanatics as its target. Fanton offers free tournaments, enabling players to savor the fantasy genre before investing in the premium 1 TON tournaments, sans NFTs. The game promotes deeper soccer engagement and fosters player loyalty with its exciting NFT mode.

Fanton’s partnership initiatives within the TON ecosystem have been commendable. Back in April 2023, Fanton secured a promising preseed round valuing the venture at $5 million. Esteemed investors include TOP Labs (previous First Stage Labs), Tonstarter launchpad, Existential Capital and Yolo Investments. Moreover, Fanton has been seamlessly integrated into the Tonkeeper wallet’s browser section, and its NFT collection thrives on the Getgems marketplace.

August 2023 saw Fanton assimilating WalletPay, streamlining game balance top-ups and ensuring uninterrupted tournament payments via the TON wallet. This move significantly reduces the entry barrier, beckoning Web2 players to the TON landscape. For Fanton, it’s all about transitioning soccer enthusiasts to the blockchain universe, and the TON wallet has been instrumental in this endeavor.

One significant lever for Fanton’s user influx has been the Telegram Ads platform. Pioneering its use in 2023, the team aggressively targeted markets including Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Indonesia. The acquisition costs oscillated between $0.5 and $4, with a retention span of three weeks showcasing around 10%.

As Fanton gears up for its seed investment round, chief operating officer Vadim Sterlin shared:

“Boasting a 55K MAU last season, we’re the flag bearers for TON’s GameFi sector. Our ambition is to scale quickly, setting a precedent for game developers contemplating a foray into the TON and Telegram realm.”

To cap it off, Fanton is poised to roll out its token by late Q4 2023. While the initial DEX offering (IDO) is scheduled on a top-10 leading launchpad, enthusiasts can boost their IDO participation odds by engaging in the Fanton airdrop.

Eldar Khayretdinov, Fanton’s CEO, remarked:

“Our ambition is truly global. While we’ve seen significant user engagement from countries like Brazil, Italy, Spain and Turkey, our next phase of expansion will focus on Argentina and the passion-rich African countries. Each of these nations boasts a rich soccer culture, and we’re excited about the potential they bring.”

Fanton’s global vision isn’t limited to soccer alone. Recognizing the cricket fervor in India, the team is exploring possibilities in the cricket fantasy genre, which could unlock a vast user base in the subcontinent. Additionally, Indonesia, with its rapidly growing digital user base, is also on Fanton’s radar for expansion.

In line with Fanton’s commitment to the community and its vision for the future of Web3 fantasy soccer, the project just announced on Sept. 11 a substantial airdrop worth $30,000 in Fanton tokens. This initiative serves as an opportunity for both new and existing enthusiasts to further engage with the platform. To secure your portion of this exclusive airdrop, head to Fanton’s official Telegram bot. Act quickly, as allocations are expected to be claimed swiftly.