To strengthen the communication between projects developed by graphene underlayer technology and to allow developers to understand and join the graphene ecosystem, the 2nd Global Graphene Blockchain Developers Conference will be held on July 6-7, 2019, at Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, China.

The conference will be divided into two days. July 6th will be Demo Day. Famous organization will come to show their projects. There will also have some rich prizes and interesting activity waiting for visitors. July 7th will be a formal meeting, lots of celebrity and technical geeks was invited, they will share the experience and discuss technology on stage with everyone in conference.

Confirmed speakers include: (the list is updating)

The conference will share the latest breakthroughs in graphene blockchain technology, such as cross-chain, blockchain interoperability, and trusted computing. We will invite well-known institutions in the industry, such as exchanges, media, and investment institutions to discuss graphene ecological development. The purpose of the conference was to bring the board members of the Bitshares community together, such as voting agents, witnesses, core development teams and the Bitshares Foundation to promote their communication, On the other hand, this conference will give developers and technology enthusiasts a platform to contact with the graphene community.

Previous event

From 5- 6 May 2018, we held the first Global Conference of Graphene Blockchain Developers in Shanghai. There were 40 + sharing guests and 1000 + participants. More than 30 domestic and foreign media reported the grand event of the Conference, which made the influence of Graphene Blockchain technology unprecedentedly enhanced.

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