September 4, 2016 - “The Future & Blockchain Technology” Conference will take place in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. The event is going to be the most innovative blockchain-related conference in South-East Asia, and also the most waited event for ethereum and smart contracts.

Blockchain can surely be called one of the biggest events of the FinTech industry. In 2016, the volume of funds invested in this technology surpassed $1B, with such world-famous businessmen as Marc Andreessen, Richard Branson and Li Ka-Shing among the investors. One of the largest stock exchanges, NASDAQ, has recently invested a substantial amount in order to implement blockchain across the exchange. Moreover, distributed ledgers technology and bitcoin are gradually acquiring the support from banking giants, government structures and retailers from all over the world.

That is why the main agenda of “The Future & Blockchain Technology” Conference will be to ensure that this event will be one of the alternative platforms to introduce the community towards the technology that has been used by world banks and the world’s blue chip companies.

“The Future & Blockchain Technology” Conference is organized by FinTech company DinarDirham, the creator of first 100% gold-backed blockchain-based digital currency DinarCoin. The strategic partners of the event are such companies as FXBitLab,, IBF and Saba Capital.

"The event is the first and biggest FinTech and Blockchain event in Malaysia. DinarDirham will be the main organizer for this event with big hopes that attendees will acquire knowledge about the blockchain technology "

Arai Ezzra, CTO and Co-Founder DinarDirham

The conference will be opened with an introductory remark of Mr. Arai Ezzra and Mr. Stelian Balta, the founders of DinarDirham. In addition, the event program will also include lectures and discussions about blockchain and the changes it brings to the world, Malaysian bitcoin & blockchain community, smart contracts and other topics.

The conference will feature top speakers and experts flown from London, Singapore and Finland in order to attend the event. There will be many industry representatives, such as Colbert Low (Founder Bitcoin Malaysia), Ville Oehman (Founder and CEO Quantified Assets PTE Ltd.), Malik Khubaib and Korkmaz Emre (Blockchain Lab), and many others. The final stage of the event will be product launching focused on DinarDirham key developments: the DinarCoin digital currency, DinarDirham wallet and Gold Smart Contracts (GSC).

For more information about the event and ticket reservation, please visit this page or call +6019-2551625