With the market growth of the cryptocurrencies market and the new payment methods, the new global economic structure is hungry for market changes. the retail has searched for opportunities to make the cryptocurrencies real in people’s days and has searched for better options in the market, and the one that fits better for being easy and for its benefits, is MindexPay.

MindexPay is the main platform that provides a complete and flexible solution for any business style for being able to map the real needs of the market and connect the crypto user to the retail market. This service was developed from the cryptocurrency Mindexcoin (MIC) functions. It is very simple after it bonds the client’s MindexWallet to the establishment and makes real time transactions. Its integration with any platform and any system world wide through a API!

MindexPay and Mindexcoin e objective together is to form a real synergy between the retail, the user and the cryptocurrencies, increasing the volume of daily transactions generating liquidity to MIC. It is already was in development the update that will bring 6 (six) renowned cryptocurrencies that are giant in the market, with MIC, will be the total of 7 (seven) in the Mindexpay API available to salesman.

This innovative way of payment already has partnerships with great commercial networks and establishments in the main metropoles of multiple countries around the world. For this system to be even closer to you it is possible to get in touch with the developers to have it in the companies closest to you! With this innovative way, it will be possible to increase a lot the circulation volume, not only with MIC but, all the other main currencies available in the market in a way that the objective of the creation of MindexCoin is accomplished: Becoming actives in circulation.