There’s a disconcerting trend amongst venture capitalists (VCs) in the crypto space who negotiate pre-pre sale tokens that give them pricing and project access long before retail investors, then dump those tokens for 100x gains once a listing goes live on exchanges.

Worse are “influencer advisers” who negotiate for a percentage of the token supply, shill to their trusted followers on social media, wait for their own fans to pump the price, then dump on them for a profit.

Not to mention rug pulls which is when project founders pre-mint tokens, fill their own bags, then dump those tokens on new investors and disappear with millions of dollars in investor money — a nightmare scenario that has played itself out over and over again on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) across crypto.

Telegram groups cycle the same messaging in loops: “Did such-and-such rug?” “Has it rugged yet?” “When rug?” These rug pulls leave decentralized finance (DeFi) investors with a kind of paranoia akin to PTSD.

How do we stop this cycle of selfish behavior and band together to create safe and profitable environments for innovation?

One solution would be to take a proven development team and powerful community, then set out to fairly fork the best projects in crypto with zero pre-mint, zero team allocation, zero VCs or insiders and do it in a way where you are the VC, not the deep pockets in Silicon Valley.

That’s what the creators of SmartCoin are presenting today with the launch of the Fair Fork Foundation and its latest project: Jade Protocol, a fairly launched OHM fork.

The Fair Fork Foundation (FFF) is a way to fairly launch high-yield protocols and crypto projects so small and large investors alike have the same access and potential for profit. FFF proposes to be a 100% fair launchpad where all market actors have a shot at maximizing profits.

The first token from the Fair Fork Foundation was called SmartCoin and became the most viral token in DeFi weeks ago, plus the #1 traded pair on Avalanche. SmartCoin has been dubbed the “Squid Game of Crypto,” and players who make it through each of the social experiment’s 10 phases will be whitelisted for governance tokens into the Fair Fork Foundation.

SmartCoin, arguably, has the best marketing in crypto with Emin Gün Sirer, founder of Avalabs, recently stating on an Avalanche Network podcast that “SmartCoin is doing amazing marketing. Their tweets are funny, irreverent and amazing.”

SmartCoin founders have Know Your Customer (KYC) for RugDoc and SmartCoin and was audited as low risk by Paladin and RugDoc with liquidity recently locked. Their advisery team includes well-known DeFi thought-leaders from the Trader Joe and Avalanche Network teams, plus the CEO and chief information officer of Three Arrows Capital Su Zhu.

The SmartCoin team is now bringing its already vibrant and welcoming community together to form the Fair Fork Foundation with a mission for forking, innovating and fairly launching the best projects in crypto, all while shifting the DeFi narrative away from zero-sum games and into one of collaboration.

The next FFF project will be Jade Protocol, a fork of Olympus Dao with numerous competitive advantages. Jade will launch on Binance Smart Chain, and will create the opportunity for exponentially higher annual percentage rates (APRs) and profits than OHM currently produces due to Jade’s ability for auto-compounding, since BSC fees are 200x lower than those on Ethereum. 

Jade Protocol will boast APRs of 500% to 5,000% with annual percentage yields (APYs) hovering between 500,000% to 1,000,000%, and exponentially higher returns for early adopters. The protocol will use 10% of its treasury for buybacks and burns, and 5% of treasury funds for marketing, employing SmartCoin’s proven viral marketing team.

Why launch on Binance Smart Chain? Binance onboards more users into crypto than any other exchange in the world and all those users get funneled into BSC which has over 10 million transactions per day. This creates massive exposure for Jade Protocol and fairly captures an audience that has been disproportionately affected by rug pulls and scams. It also allows the Fair Fork Foundation to build a network-agnostic community with the power to direct attention to and build profitable projects on any network across the Metaverse.

The Fair Fork Foundation promises safe, profitable and fairly launched projects with a focus on building fun and powerful communities. Using memetic messaging and marketing, FFF is uniquely qualified to cut through marketplace noise and address the concerns facing the DeFi and crypto space as a whole.

Imagine no longer worrying about rug pulls, tapping a proven development team with built-in liquidity, activating viral marketing and powerful community engagement, then gaining early access to 100% fair launch forks of the most popular projects in crypto.

That’s the Fair Fork Foundation.

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