Beamer Bridge just announced its anticipated launch on Ethereum L1, allowing users to effortlessly beam tokens between ETH L1 and rollups like Arbitrum and Optimism in less than 20 seconds.

On April 17, Beamer announced its transition from being a pure cross-rollup bridge to an L1-to-L2 bridge, accompanying users along the transition to a rollup-centric future. Users can now bridge USDC and DAI between Ethereum L1 and supported rollups.

Upgrading the bridging experience

Beamer is an innovative bridge designed to provide a seamless and secure bridging experience for users looking to transfer ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum L1 and EVM-compatible L2s such as Arbitrum and Optimism. Beamer offers lightning-fast transfer speeds, with token transfers taking less than 20 seconds, in contrast to the industry average of 15 minutes. Its innovative design incorporates decentralized liquidity pooling and an escalation game to deter malicious actors, making it one of the most secure bridges available.

Start Beaming

Beamer is one of the fastest and safest bridges in the ecosystem and has a strong focus on user experience. With just one confirmation transaction on the source chain, tokens are transferred and users can immediately make use of their canonical tokens. Beamer doesn’t use proxy or wrapped tokens.

Beamer contributes to an interoperable L2

Beamer’s team is committed to improving the Ethereum ecosystem’s accessibility by providing increased interoperability between Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions. As Ethereum moves toward a rollup-centric future, bridges like Beamer will become increasingly vital in ensuring seamless token and data transfers between different layers. With its unparalleled speed, security and user-friendly interface, Beamer is poised to become an integral part of this transformation, fostering a more interconnected and accessible ecosystem.

Frederik Lührs, Beamer tech lead, commented:

“Beamer Bridge in its core has a strong focus on security and simplicity. It focuses on the core values we personally believe in as well. Building an open, permissionless and censorship-resistant system. We believe that infrastructures in crypto need to follow these values. It will solve a key problem created by scaling — fragmentation. Our vision for Beamer is to become a leading bridge solution, seamlessly connecting the increasingly fragmented blockchain ecosystem and ensuring its accessibility, security and interoperability.”

The ultimate L2 adventure is on the horizon

To celebrate the recent launch on Ethereum L1, Beamer is launching the Layer Up Fest 2023, an extensive nine-week virtual festival packed with panels and discussions happening in Beamer’s community. Partners like ZKSpace, Scroll, Safe, Gelato and many more will join forces to provide a unique interactive and educational experience to festival participants. All the details about the festival schedule and discussion topics can be found here.

The Beamer marketing team added:

“Get ready for an unprecedented virtual festival experience! Join our partners and us from the L2 space as we delve into everything L2 related. Engage in discussions about the future of the space, explore a diverse array of DApps, NFTs and other protocols, and learn about the overall ecosystem. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Discord channels for event updates — you won’t want to miss this!”

About Beamer

Beamer is a free open-source software development project by brainbot technologies AG. The project consists of a smart contract protocol, an online user interface and agent software. Its documentation is available here.


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