Portuguese Fantasy Leagues startup RealFevr is launching the first-ever football video nonfungible token marketplace, backed by official intellectual property. The product and business model will be similar to that of NBA Top Shot, but with some new improvements.

In RealFevr’s marketplace, users will be able to buy and trade rare and unique NFT moments from world-class football players. These one-of-a-kind moments will capture the attention of football fans all over the world who desire to collect all of these extraordinary and iconic pieces of football history. Later this year, Fantasy token leagues will be implemented and the NFTs will have direct utility to power up your fantasy teams.

“We are not joining the NFT fever just because of the current market trend, but because we believe in its intrinsic value, and we are here for the long term. We are working daily to make our future platform a world reference in the sports industry. In 2015, we started this path with the creation of Fantasy Leagues, and now we are taking the next step, keeping the vision of revolutionizing sports fan engagement as an objective,” said Fred Antunes, CEO of RealFevr and president of the Portuguese Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies — a position that made him a crypto reference in Portugal. Antunes also added, “The way in which blockchain technology makes possible the transformation of historical moments of sport into true art in motion is absolutely exciting and has been one of the main sources of the extremely high motivation to which the whole team is committed.”

To power up its digital collectibles marketplace, RealFevr is about to release its utility token, FEVR. Let’s have a closer look at how FEVR works and the tokenomics of the project. 

– Source: Twitter

RealFevr marketplace ecosystem

To create a fantastic experience for the end-user, the RealFevr marketplace will have its own FEVR token, which works as the oil of the entire ecosystem. FEVR will encompass a number of tokenomics to reward token holders, such as:

  1. The requirement to use the FEVR to buy packs. 
  2. The requirement to use FEVR to trade moments.
  3. An upcoming subscription pool model for pack acquisition. 
  4. A launchpad for clubs’ digital collectibles.
  5. Borrowing and lending of digital moments between fans. 
  6. Fantasy token leagues where players can wager FEVR.

These are among the many other exciting features that will leave cryptocurrency enthusiasts wanting more. FEVR also possesses a fee-lock mechanism to protect all token hodlers.

For more information, please check out RealFevr’s lite paper. Don’t forget to register for the initial DEX offering, which takes place on June 25 on Polkastarter. The whitelisting process is now open, and you can learn all about it here

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RealFevr delivers the most immersive experience to all players and enables a new business model where users can benefit directly from the FEVR token ecosystem by using and lending everlasting football video collectibles and sharing value with the in-game community. 

About RealFevr

RealFevr is a company based in Lisbon and created in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing the Fantasy Leagues market. With the Fantasy Leagues concept proven in national and international territory, RealFevr’s next major goals are now to enter the global market of sports NFTs and international consolidation. Our mission is to provide users with the best fantasy game adventure, and to accomplish that goal, we have built a state-of-the-art application that runs on top of blockchain technology. RealFevr will release a football video NFT marketplace backed by official intellectual property.


Pedro Febrero, head of blockchain at RealFevr.

Pedro is the author of two scientific papers on blockchain technology, a guest lecturer at top European universities and an advisor for several crypto projects. He has also penned over 1,000 articles about cryptocurrency protocols.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pedrofebrero