The First POC Consensus Conference

From POW, POS to POC, people's awareness of the consensus mechanism is constantly being updated. The POC consensus mechanism redefines the consensus mechanism from the spatial dimension. It is the improvement and optimization of the POW, it is the evolution and continuation of POS. Based on it’s background, the first POC Consensus Conference and the establishment of POC Community was successfully held in Shenzhen China on July 30th.

The POC Consensus Conference was hosted by BHD Community and POC Community. The conference gathered blockchain industry leaders, POC consensus mechanism ecosystem academics, mining machine manufacturers and other relevant attendees to jointly explore the future development trend and application of BHD ecosystem and POC consensus mechanism. The event was successfully held supporting the POC consensus mechanism to innovate, expand their science and technology, and build an encryption based on the POC consensus ecosystem.

POC consensus brings momentum to the blockchain industry

Mr.Bug, one of the pioneers and very influential KOL in the Chinese blockchain industry, who is currently focusing on the evangelism of the POC consensus ecosystem made an opening speech. “POC consensus takes us back to 2012” -where Mr.Bug has said “The consensus mechanism is the core rule of blockchain. The proof of capacity is a brand new consensus mechanism that allows us to return to 2012, the time when Bitcoin and POW consensus began to attract attention.” He also mentioned POC as a shared consensus mechanism. POC mining shares the same database, and its network can support the mining of thousands of digital currencies at the same time. The coinage rights of all cryptocurrencies can be completed using the same consensus mechanism in the future. Regardless of the market value of a single currency, a database consisting of tens of billions of globally distributed random hashes based on mobile phone memory or hard disk capacity can be used to support consensus security. “The POC consensus is a unified system. This consensus will be a massive evolution for the entire blockchain industry!”

Gary, the initiator