We are organizing the “Future of Digital Customer Experience webinar” on May 24, 2021, at 15:00 BST/10:00 ET to understand how digital transformation impacts the future of customer experience and what steps companies can take to better their customer experience.

In this new digital era, companies need to customize their business models to reflect these changes. Customer demands are increasing every day, and meeting those demands, companies need to offer an exceptional experience to their customers. Putting efforts into giving a better experience will bring more customers, lead to more sales, and encourage loyalty. Businesses need to see the value in focusing on the digital customer experience in achieving their business goals, significantly reducing costs and creating more satisfied customers. 

The more advanced and digital the company and its services are, the higher the customer satisfaction. 

We’d also like to mention our gold sponsors, Quadient and Smart Communications.

We’ll be joined by top industry individuals who’ll give insights on essential topics related to customer experiences, including Martin Lange, former director of client experience Strategy at BNY Mellon; John Leighton, head of customer service at EasyJet; Brian Powers, chief customer experience officer of Brightstar, and many more will come together to discuss on various topics, such as customer experience technologists, your role to drive the success of digital business, how data-driven customer engagement delivers value to each customer, advancing CX analytics maturity for better customer experiences, design your customer engagement hub and much more. 

The initial conversations will revolve around how to embrace CX as a holistic, business-critical, strategic capability and advancing CX analytics maturity for better customer experiences. 

A great digital customer experience must ensure that customers feel valued, understood and satisfied no matter where their brand engagement happens online. A digital customer experience strategy can help you showcase your unique value to potential customers, earn their trust, boost conversions, and nurture long-lasting relationships with customers.

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