Developed by PTEG, Idle Mystic’s hero battling game has soared in the Polygon and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems, achieving rankings in the top 10 for overall users on Polygon, and ranked first by volume, according to DappRadar in November 2021. 

Within the first few months of release, the title has amassed over 350,000 players and continues to rise in the DeFi sphere, as seen in its top 25th ranking across all DeFi games, and top 20 ranking positions for volume across all blockchains. 

What is Idle Mystic?

Idle Mystic is the world’s first 3D blockchain idle game, where you can engage in single-player and player-vs.-player (PvP) battling modes with your heroes to earn Idle Mystic governance tokens (IMT), and in-game Magic Stone tokens (MST) to create new heroes, build lands and save the citizens of this metaverse. 

Gameplay requires players to use strategy, form teams and protect their land, choosing from different heroes and hero skills to compete in Adventure, Kingdom and PvP modes. Gamers can choose from six hero classes. 

Currently Available on Windows, IOS and Android

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The rise of play-to-earn gaming 

With gamers globally investing time and energy into playing their favorite games, esports has been one great way for the top players to not only play but earn. Becoming the best in any game, however, is a difficult journey, one that not every player is capable of. 

Now with play-to-earn (P2E) on blockchain, all gamers can take control of their gameplay assets, and earn while playing. Your skill level does not matter, as there will be daily rewards that everyone can achieve. The exact time needed and earning potential is outlined here. 

Idle Mystic Earning Potential and Time Required 

Idle Mystic utilizes P2E through their in-game tokens, Magic Stone (MST) and Idle Mystic (IMT) to give players rewards from gameplay and a vote, respectively. Through normal gameplay, earning potential becomes viable. 

Geoffrey Gardiner, chief marketing officer of Idle Mystic said,

“With gaming, players and developers have long been undervalued or seen as a product. Finally, with the use of blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT’s, control can be given back to those making the game fun and successful. As a fellow gamer, I have wasted too much money on in-game purchases, where ultimately I got nothing in the end. With Idle Mystics heroes and P2E, you can play, have fun and then if you want, sell to do something else. We get locked into games with no way out but finally, this is changing. ”

How does it work for players?

The Idle Mystic game requires users to connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and then acquire three heroes to begin gameplay. After this, gamers will complete daily tasks including 10 wins in PvP or completing the daily adventure quest. Through each task, MST is awarded.

In-game tournaments also offer gamers a chance to test their heroes, and battle for top rankings to get seasonal rewards.  

How does it work for developers?

Developers can add to the game ecosystem, creating maps, skins, items and more to earn Idle Mystic cryptocurrency. With Kingdom mode, the entire map can be enhanced, and developers are encouraged to work on creating new items to improve the game world. 

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For all gamers out there, looking for a hero game and play to earn mechanics, further information can be found below. 

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