Why invest in the Expovision?

Since 2018, the Expovision company — under the guidance of Magomed Aliev, CEO of the project — has been creating and promoting various IT projects and startups in fields of 3D and VR visualization, Artificial Intelligence, machine vision, software development, web and graphic design and others. Up to this day, Expovision is always trying to catch up with all of the cutting-edge innovations.

The high demand for real estate has been growing in recent years and the supply has not kept up with it. In the meantime, transactions with fiat currencies keep becoming difficult to conduct, so there are more and more people who want to buy property or invest in cryptocurrency. These reasons prompted the Expovision company to design a product for people interested in real estate investments for cryptocurrencies. 

As a result, the Expovision blockchain-based platform was created. The platform operates on modern technologies with intuitive design and an interesting concept. Its main purpose is to help people around the globe to purchase property, wherever the location and have the ability to virtually visit it. 

How does it work?

The platform is based on the TRON blockchain and its utility token has the TRC-20 standard. The main features of the project are virtual reality technologies and 3D visualization. Interior design with VR technology allows users to dive into the digitized room of their future home or office. Also, the services of a professional interior designer will be provided in order to help the client to design the property.

The transactions are secured by the use of smart contracts which are designed to help in the complete removal of any intermediaries. Instead of reaching out to a lawyer, paying them and waiting for the result, it is now possible to simply transfer the needed amount of tokens and confirm the transaction with the certificate of identity. All the rules and liability measures are formed via smart contracts. They also automatically enforce all obligations of the parties.

The native token EXPO is issued to support the platform and become a liquid paying tool for all the Expovision company ecosystem, within all the other products. 

What’s the philosophy behind it?

CEO Magomed Aliev says: 

“Expovision has developed more than 10 startups of its own and now we’re aiming for a total Expovision ecosystem to be created. Expovision believes in the future of the world where real estate buying will be self-managing and will not require as much attention and money as it requires today. Expovision was created to be a part of the way to that future. We have created an automated platform that can significantly expand the capabilities of a person in the process of purchasing real estate. We took into account all the resources of the network and designed a balanced platform on which users can work with comfort and benefit from it.

We value our community, prioritize customer comfort and always take their opinion into account. Our work is based on honesty and we intend to keep the project open and transparent to everyone. We hope that Expovision will contribute to the development of blockchain and smart contracts in the future.”

In the field of VR property acquisition, the Expovision blockchain platform is outstanding and promising. Being part of the most significant IT event of the year, GITEX Global, the Expovision project managed to make it to the top-30 projects that will be presented there and the only one from Russia. Five days since the initial coin offering (ICO) started and results have been exciting. This definitely opens the door for bigger accomplishments in the future. 

Check it out now and see for yourself. 

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