The LSF joins PsyMed Ventures in providing grants for projects exploring synergies between psychedelics and longevity.

Nov. 4, 2022 — Miami — The Longevity Science Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research establishing a longer and healthier human lifespan, announced a new funding call for psychedelics research during today’s Miami Wonderland event. The funding call is a joint effort between the Longevity Science Foundation and PsyMed Ventures, an early-stage fund investing in frontier mental health technologies.

While not typically discussed as such, mental and brain health are crucial components of human longevity. Psychedelic applications for mental health treatments are rapidly accelerating, with compounds like ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin showing promising results in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and addiction. Researchers have also proven ketamine and psilocybin can help regrow neural connections, a potentially groundbreaking finding in developing future treatments for aging-related neurodegenerative diseases.

The funding call invites anyone at the forefront of the cutting-edge longevity and psychedelic fields to submit grant-funded proposals. The LSF and PsyMed specifically encourage applications from researchers working on projects related to using existing or novel psychedelics to manage, delay or reverse age-associated mental and brain diseases. They also are enthusiastic about proposals on mechanisms behind the complex effects elicited by psychedelic compounds and any other breakthrough areas synergizing the longevity and psychedelics fields.

“Mental health is a vital yet often underlooked aspect of longevity — I believe a healthy mind is equally as important as a healthy body,” said Garri Zmudze, executive coordinator of the Longevity Science Foundation. “By funding research on psychedelics, the Longevity Science Foundation is contributing to a body of knowledge transforming brain health and longevity.”

“There is incredible innovation occurring in the development of psychedelic treatments for mental health,” said Lisa Ireland, president and CEO of the Longevity Science Foundation. “We are proud to announce this funding call to support visionaries and researchers dedicated to expanding our understanding of psychedelics. We encourage others to learn more about this growing field.”

“PsyMed has been active in the psychedelics space for several years, partnering with over 13 companies in the field,” said Matias Serebrinsky, co-founder and general partner at PsyMed Ventures. “We are thrilled to work with the LSF to explore new applications of these life-changing compounds and their benefits for human longevity.”

Applications for this funding call are accepted on a rolling basis until April 30, 2023. To apply, visit

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