Have you ever thought that nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are integrated into every corner of the sports and esports world? And it would gradually become one of the solutions for the development of this industry? NFT is blowing the wind of change in the entire sports area, while also bringing new opportunities for esports.

The sports industry is no longer about events, players, tickets, surroundings and all the things related to sports entities, but rather a world full of digital information and assets with value. With the support of the token economy system, any individualx can participate in the transaction of digital information in the blockchain industries.

That fundamentally changes the business development system and driving logic, which is based on personal and institutional trust in the traditional sports industry, breaking the barrier of value transmission and promoting the revolutionary upgrade of the sports industry. And fans’ support and passion for stars, teams, or esports teams is not just a kind of emotional relationship, but it will generate value and value transmission through blockchain.

While some media organizations and sports teams have been able to find their way around making their NFTs and launching their fan tokens, some others have not been so lucky. There is a technical know-how barrier for the companies. The majority of sports clubs do not have platforms for onboarding, engaging and monetizing their fans’ community.


As one of the earliest NFT participants, more and more digital experiences are summarized and practiced by Blocksport, providing top esports teams and traditional sports clubs with their own fan engagement mobile apps. Now, Blocksport has reached cooperation with more than 40+ clubs and celebrities such as Team Singularity, Virtus pro, Penta Sports, CF Talavera from Spain, Metalist FC, Dynamo Kyiv (plays Champions League), African Cycling UCI team, Sinners Esport, Red Star Rugby club, ARIS BC from Greece and many more.

Supported by a professional network of sports experts and partners, Blocksport will launch an NFT platform to bring clubs, fans and sponsors closer together. This state-of-the-art NFT platform provides features like NFT and fans token issuance, auction and bidding as well as NFT mining. Blocksport aims to build a sports ecology for sports enthusiasts that integrates games, sports NFTs and fan community management.

Three key components - NFTs, fan tokens and GameFi

Since 2019, Blocksport has always been exploring how to make fans and stars closer, and they want to bridge the connection between celebrities and their fans with exclusive NFTs and fan experiences. 

Blocksport combines sports, NFT and decentralized finance (DeFi) to bring the highest experience to fans, athletes, and teams. With its network of top sports athletes and excess to the major sports teams globally, it can provide an exclusive set of NFTs and fan tokens on its platform. After the platform launch in October, players, as well as team and fans, can immediately benefit from the NFTs released on the Blocksport NFT platform allowing fans to be one of a few owners of an exclusive digital card or rights holder and to receive rewards while holding those NFTs.

Fan tokens are digital assets that represent your ownership of a voting right and give you access to earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences. Fan tokens are fungible, meaning that, like other cryptocurrencies, they can be exchanged for other goods, such as VIP experiences, exclusive merchandise, tickets, etc.

The native token BSPT is an important part of the Blocksport NFT platform and acts as a “currency.” Creators spend BSPT minting sports NFTs. Collectors use BSPT to auction or buy NFTs. Fan token sales drive demand for BSPT to purchase Fan Tokens. Holders of BSPT tokens can participate in community governance and manage the platform’s NFT for creators and clubs. Also, users can submit and vote on proposals about trading fees and new features to be developed.

20% net fees collected by Blocksport will be used to buy back BSPT on the open market, and the BSPT bought back will be transferred to the treasury for staking reward.

Stake unique NFTs and tokens 

For NFT staking, there are two pools.

The first pool is available for all users who don’t need to collect all levels of NFTs; 

The second pool is available for users who collected all levels of NFTs.

BSPT staking pool: By locking BSPT tokens in the system, users earn BSPT token rewards.

Fan token pool: Blocksport airdrops BSPT tokens to certain fan token trading pairs on Uniswap.

We will combine NFT and GameFi, so users can mint NFT as a player, train it and participate in matches to win BSPT rewards.

Private sales 

Blocksport private sales have been started, and right now, it only opens for venture capitalists, token funds and KOLs.

Check the google form and join in the private sale now

Fill out the form and introduce your team, Blocksport will select the investors and contact you once we receive the form.

Welcome to participate in the global promotion of Blocksport.


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