ZUG, April 14, 2021 — The Occam Association is pleased to announce that the initial decentralized exchange offering of the OCC token has successfully concluded. The highly oversubscribed offering, the first of its kind to launch through the OccamRazer launchpad platform for the Cardano ecosystem, successfully witnessed 200,000 OCC tokens sold in a lightning-fast IDO round. Almost 100,000 users visited the IDO site and the tokens took just 30 seconds to become oversubscribed.

The Occam Association team thanks everyone who participated in the IDO and made the raise possible and also extends its gratitude to early backers of the project. The Occam.fi community, now over 20,000 strong across Occam.fi’s social media channels after just a few short weeks, has been and continues to be instrumental in making the OCC IDO and the OccamRazer platform a resounding success.

Darren Camas, early advisor to the Cardano ecosystem and strategic partner of Occam.fi, said:

“It shouldn’t go without recognition that what Occam.fi has achieved is essentially the very first launchpad event for the Cardano ecosystem. Occam.fi’s OCC IDO and the time in which it concluded are testament to how large and engaged the Cardano community is. I’m sure I speak for the entire Occam.fi team and wider community when I say that DeFi launchpad capabilities have long been anticipated for the Cardano ecosystem, and now they have finally arrived through OccamRazer.”

The OccamRazer platform is the first decentralized launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem, designed to host the most innovative and exciting decentralized applications and DeFi projects looking to raise significant capital. The Occam.fi team has diligently worked behind the scenes to deliver a fully working platform and ecosystem for the Cardano community at a crucial time in the Cardano blockchain’s development roadmap.

Wang Xi, partner at Bixin Ventures, congratulated Occam.fi on the successful sale, saying:

“We knew that Occam.fi was poised to become a disruptive force for innovation and growth within the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Concluding the OCC IDO successfully through their own platform provides proof that OccamRazer is ready for market and ready to host other IDOs.”

The Occam Association has now set its sights on expanding its first-to-market launchpad capabilities to other Cardano-based projects, especially those who have validated their proof-of-concept through Project Catalyst and are now seeking funding to grow.

Mark Berger, president of the Occam Association, said:

“This is a huge moment for the Occam.fi ecosystem. In one simultaneous launch, we have both proven the capabilities of our OccamRazer platform to host IDOs and we have provided a fair and transparent way of offering the OCC token to our community. I’m blown away by the response from our strategic partners and community. We now look forward to hosting other blockchain startups that want to conduct similar successful raises through OccamRazer.”

The OCC token is now available to purchase on Uniswap here.

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