Merely a whisper 30 days ago, The Parallel now stands to become an unstoppable force in the GameFi metaverse evolution. With the completion of its modest fundraising rounds, The Parallel clocked in at $4.3 million to close out this important milestone and now sets its sights on a much-anticipated initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) and phase 1 release. 

Venture capitalists join The Parallel on a long and prosperous journey 

The strategic round for The Parallel is being co-led by Kyber Network and Signum Capital. This co-lead brings with it impressive synergy between two huge names in the crypto and GameFi space. Furthermore, both have fully committed to providing maximum value-add contributions through all stages of the project’s journey. With this major milestone concluded, The Parallel is extremely confident in its mission to pursue the creation of the ultimate ecosystem that will naturally evolve into an infinite Metaverse. 

Great minds think alike

Advisers are a vital component to The Parallel’s long-term success. As such, the team has expanded its advisory panel with the priceless addition of Harry Holmes and Santiago R. Santos. Holmes is a nonfungible token (NFT) gaming entrepreneur with experience going back to the first Sony PlayStation and is currently CEO at Magicave. Santos, an earlier addition to the team, is a prominent name in the crypto-blockchain world who has supported countless successful and innovative projects. He specializes in crypto-financial theory and gaming theory. 

With the support of its current and growing list of phenomenal advisers, The Parallel’s foundation is gaining in strength and success is born of confidence.

Ready to take the Metaverse by storm

CEO Louis Nguyen had this to say: “The hardest part of the private round was saying no to lucrative financial offers. But money was never a concern during fund-raising; our focus was to have valuable long-term partners who believe in the unlimited potential of this project's evolution.” An infinite Metaverse can be understood as a virtual world that is always growing and evolving for the better.

The Parallel is an ambitious and dynamic project. The path to achieving this ecosystem is complex, but, when asked, Louis Nguyen continued: “An evolving and prosperous Metaverse has to fulfill the three core needs of its ecosystem's members: community, entertainment and opportunity.” 

Next up for The Parallel will be its IDO events. These will take place toward the end of December, but before the holidays. The creative and marketing teams want to set a new standard in GameFi marketing quality, promising to make the IDO events full of technologically rich promo content utilizing alternate reality, virtual reality and 3D technology. The Parallel aims to lead the Metaverse by example, and wants its audience to enjoy complete immersion in the Metaverse experience. Be sure to follow and tune into all The Parallel’s content via its numerous social media platforms.


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