On February 11, 2019, all.me digital network’s internal currency, ALL.ME (ME) Token was listed on the CoinAll crypto exchange with an initial value of $0.014. In less than two months, the price increased by more than 1000%.

ME Token is the virtual currency of all.me digital network, which is operational both inside and outside all.me. ME is a standard ERC-20 token with a total emission of 10 billion and 2.5 billion tokens distributed during the pre-sales.

ME was listed on CoinAll exchange as of February this year. The token’s success since its release is due to the ecosystem in which it exists: all.me digital network.

all.me digital network consists of a social platform (meNetwork), a trading platform (meMarket), and its own payment service (mePay). The concept is based on building mutually beneficial partnerships within the user-platform-business chain.

Usage of ME within the ecosystem

When a user registers on all.me, they can optionally activate a promo account and broadcast advertisements through the business profile. At the same time, depending on their activity within the network, the user can receive up to 50% of advertising revenue. Reward payments are made in ME Token.

Businesses pay for marketing services with ME Token while receiving an absolutely advertising-loyal audience in return. meMarket will be launched shortly and purchasing of social network services (e.g. sticker packages) will be available in the future. All.me’s business profile is already operational and allows for page promotion.

Usage of ME outside the ecosystem

ME is also applicable outside all.me. Firstly, the token can already be exchanged for BTC or USDT. Secondly, the token has very high liquidity, which is an important factor for both investors and ordinary holders.

Finally, interest in the cryptocurrency is very high. This claim can be made with confidence based on the price growth that ME has shown in previous months. Subsequently, the number of transactions per day is increasing continuously.

Soon, mePay will allow each user to easily open an account to buy ME or exchange the token for fiat currencies within the ecosystem. Users will also receive payment cards that can be used internally on all.me and beyond. Thus, the ME Token becomes a real currency unit in its virtual form.

What’s Next for ME?

ME aims to be a flexible currency that simplifies the concept of crypto. The main benefit of ME is its ability to seamlessly integrate with fiat money. In other words, the scope of ME use is practically limitless. The token can be used as a valuable means of payment and an instrument of accumulation thanks to the provision of fiat funds and limited emission. In practice, everything is very simple: ME = universal money.

Both exchange and domestic interest in ME are complementary factors that have a positive effect on the increase in the value of the currency. The growth in the number of all.me users stimulates an increase in exchange interest and vice versa.

ME is a virtual currency whose scope of application, like that of real money, is limitless. Due to the mePay service, ME Token will become a full-fledged means of payment, while retaining the comfort and advantages of using virtual currencies.