Quarashi Network released its next-generation mobile platform with the aim of providing complete privacy and anonymity to individuals, businesses and crypto enthusiasts.

With many innovations and improvements in the crypto space, Quarashi Network has proven to be an exceptional user interface multichain in the crypto space. Having users and developers in mind, Quarashi’s team developed a unique network that will facilitate user-friendly experiences. It is built on privacy and anonymity, which are the main issues many users face. The whole ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure scalability.

The core network of cryptocurrency adopters

As mentioned earlier, Quarashi is the core network for cryptocurrency adopters. It is meant for both individuals and businesses who are not only interested in accessing crypto services but also value their security and privacy. The network has critical aspects that interest crypto users. Users do not have to switch from one platform to another to access a particular service. Quarashi is an all-inclusive network such that you can access several functionalities on the platform, and one of the amazing features about it is that you do not have to compromise your data privacy.

Quarashi’s functionality goes beyond just being a wallet. Some of the other ecosystem elements include a privacy chat, a multi-crypto exchange, airdrops and VPN.

Quarashi also has some products that are being developed. The VPN and browser functionality ensures that the user’s safety and privacy while accessing international markets. That makes your traders hard to intercept, helping to protect against phishing attacks. The VPN will act as a barrier against malware and viruses.

The launchpad will provide a premium level of transparency and multichain compatibility, as well as give early access to all new cryptocurrency projects through the platform.

The airdrop functionality will give a clean interface and instant notification. The whole network ecosystem is powered by the Quarashi Network utility token (QUA). QUA provides a simple and secure means of payment with low liquidity risk.

More than just a chat app, way more than just a crypto wallet

As already mentioned, Quarashi offers a decentralized, community-driven chat app. Many chat apps claim to offer privacy but still ask you for personal information. Quarashi does not ask you for personal information: No phone number, email address or location is required to ensure maximum anonymity. You can also be confident in the knowledge that you are untraceable.

It does end-to-end encryption but also takes a step further to ensure data privacy and security. The app is ad-free, hence no advertisements or trackers track your information.

Additionally, the chat app has a self-destructing option that ensures the message is deleted after a certain period of time.

As the messaging history is hidden, there are no chances of a third party accessing the messages.

In an era where people tend to take screenshots, which could be an avenue for leaking data privacy, Quarashi offers a secure screen that cannot be captured.

The best part is that the app can act as an offline wallet, and you do not necessarily need a SIM.

Unique and complete decentralized crypto wallet

Most wallets are just focused on their primary functions of transacting and storing crypto assets. Quarashi is privacy-oriented so you can be confident that third parties will not track your transactions.

The Quarashi multi-crypto wallet can support up to 9,000 digital currencies on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. You do not need to have different wallets for different assets. It has a unique interface that powers users to do transactions using a text address or QR codes.

The private keys are safely stored in the blockchain, although you can always import them to any non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet when need be. The platform gives you full power to control your assets and can be tracked using graphic analytic charts, which are updated in real-time according to the market.

With Quarashi Network, adopters will easily flow into the crypto world

Moreover, once you join the Quarashi family, you can join the loyalty program. In the program, you earn a commission of 3% for every referral you make. Currently, Quarashi’s initial coin offering is coming up and there is an opportunity to participate in the presale, which will take place in August with up to 28 million tokens to be sold.

Token distribution:

  • Seed round: 2.2%
  • Private sale: 2.8%
  • Public sale: 35%
  • Liquidity: 10%
  • Team: 12%
  • Marketing: 18%
  • Reserves: 5%
  • Development: 15%

About Quarashi

Quarashi is the complete package — the next-generation mobile platform focused on privacy chats, decentralized exchange, blockchain UI multichain crypto wallet, an initial DEX offering launchpad, VPN and airdrops. With Quarashi, full anonymity, privacy, encryption and usability are assured.

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