Has everyone heard the news? Rune platform is stepping it up by introducing its new token Rune Shards, commonly known as RXS, which will replace Rune. RXS will serve as Rune ecosystem's governance token and in-game currency. The maximum supply of tokens will rise, but that is not all.

"With the sharding of the Rune token, the Rune team is excited for the next phase of development of the Rune metaverse," says Abel Czupor, Rune's director.

The process

Everyone should be aware that RXS can only be obtained by exchanging Rune, which is currently the governance token. The exchange ratio will be set at 1 Rune for 10,000 RXS. Start sharding Rune into RXS.

Moving on, the RXS supply is capped depending on Rune supply, so the RXS circulating supply is determined by the amount of Rune converted to RXS. The difference is that Rune’s total supply is only 19,300, whereas the RXS max supply is 193,000,000. It has been pre-minted and will be kept in the contract until it is converted.

The converted Rune will be locked into the contract, with no further liquidity generated. Rune liquidity had a five-year lock period when it launched earlier this year. Therefore, Rune will still be maintained and traded after RXS launches. The exchange can be done on the platform where users can purchase their tokens.

By incorporating this adjustment into the platform, other chains will have easier access to liquidity, such as when Rune offers a bridge to Polygon in Q4 2021 or when listing on centralized exchanges.

Furthermore, the 1% tax will be applied to RXS.

Rune platform

Going further, Rune is an open-ended dark fantasy game environment built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that merges the dream of each passionate user who loves RPGs.

A place where the joy of investing and playing blends seamlessly into an open-ended dark fantasy gaming ecosystem. A universe with angels and demons, magic and dragons, and a battle between good and evil.

Because it is established on the blockchain, Rune players have complete ownership of their game items as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). They can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies for playing to realize the value they produce.

The platform combines decentralized finance (DeFi) and role-playing game (RPG) elements. As a result, users can invest in the project, and the in-game market mimics a real-world economy.


The team behind the project was formed by Binzy, the "Satoshi Nakamoto" of NFTs, and selected its top team from the DeFi community through elimination. It had devised a complex system aimed towards ardent fantasy players. Binzy narrows to develop the most talented and dedicated community.

They are the first to create the NFT mechanics-driven farming on the blockchain in seven months. They were the first to develop a reward yield farm system based on several tokens. Within four months, they released their first multiplayer Unity game.

Rune was launched because the founders were frustrated with the gaming industry's attitude to superior blockchain technology. The majority of blockchain gaming ideas were theory craft and not feasible.

Thanks to iterative development, the project blueprints for their five games and the Rune Metaverse will be ready for mobile and the game industry in a couple of years. They are already working on their second and third games aimed at both the competitive esports sector and the casual pet farm scene.

It provides a diverse market audience to target and speaks to their market dominance goals inside the gaming sector. The dedicated action role-playing game (ARPG) community, targeting the same niche as Path of Exile and Diablo 4, and the casual Pokémon Go population.

Final thoughts

This platform creates the ideal environment for both those looking to integrate the RPG component of the blockchain into their lives and those looking to invest in something fresh and unique in the market.

Their method of operation quickly covers a gap into the blockchain that is now decreased and filled with a project that gives its best to create the ideal environment for fans.

Users can get additional information about the platform and RPGs by having a general discussion on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Youtube, Twitch, Reddit.

Users can now exchange or purchase their token with a simple click of a button.