LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUG 16 2016 - Hakim Draper of the Boogie Shack Music Group and Bryce Weiner of Tao Network have formed a strategic partnership to develop and implement the Tao Network as the underlying technology behind Boogie Shack. Members of the Tao team will move into the Boogie Shack offices and become a part of the Boogie Shack team of award winning producers and writers and world class industry executives.

“We're developing artists and building careers rooted in creativity and new and future technologies like the Tao network.”

– Hakim Draper

This partnership will include the analysis of the business operations of a functioning, profitable music publisher in order to develop the tools and services able to serve an entire industry.

“This is an opportunity to build technology directly for and with the music industry and members of the artists’ community. I’m honored to be a part of such a historic project.”

– Bryce Weiner

The Tao Network Team looks forward to becoming a part of the Boogie Shack family!


For more information contact:

Hakim Draper hakim@linkmediapartners.com 

Bryce Weiner bryce@tao.network