Venhuizen, Netherlands, April 1, 2022 — With whales taking over the cryptocurrency space and leaving no room for any new investors, this space is now full of obstacles that prevent it from becoming as consumer-friendly as possible. This is in the way of the cryptocurrency space becoming as mainstream as it should be — where users have a chance to invest in upcoming projects that have the potential of becoming the size of companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Google. 

After considerable demand from the crypto community, TDeFi, Tradedog ecosystem, International Blockchain Consulting Group (IBC) and NFT Technologies have finally come together to introduce a first-come-first-serve allocation launchpad. TDX is the crypto investor-friendly launchpad resulting from the partnership. It is a revolutionary launchpad that doesn’t require staking its native tokens and serves only one purpose — the mass adoption of crypto. TDeFi is leading the technical end, and IBC is on the marketing end of this launchpad. TDX also has an exclusive partnership with Crypto Wizards, a community of more than 50,000 traders. This partnership, combined with the potential of TDeFi and IBC collaboration, will allow the TDX launchpad to attract the best projects in the crypto space on one platform. In other words, it’s a win-win for all stakeholders — the projects, investors, launchpad and broader crypto ecosystem.

How is TDX changing the paradigm? 

With an ever-increasing number of industry stakeholders, it is critical to have a platform that can meet the needs of both fundraising projects and investors. A token project’s success is dependent on three factors:

  • Long-term investors
  • Accelerated growth hacking
  • Industry and tokenomics experts’ advice. 

Every other launchpad has a bounty lover community that is tasked with staking the launchpad’s own token. Other launchpads offer facilities to their users according to the number of native launchpad tokens they hold. Therefore, other token launchpads lack a distinct offering for their users — one needs to be a big tokenholder in order to invest in their projects. 

This also prevents new crypto adopters from entering the market, as whales are often taking over the launch because they have staked more launchpad tokens. The TDX launchpad will leverage the trusted Tradedog community of more than 50,000 traders, IBC Group — a five-year-old blockchain accelerator and growth-hacking agency behind some of the most significant projects in the space — and NFT Technologies, a portfolio company planning to list on the stock market under the ticker NFT.

Whitelisting process

With more clarity on the regulatory and legal aspects of cryptocurrencies emerging, TDX will ensure a whitelisting process that complies with the laws. It will be ensured through Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and Anti-Money Laundering mandated for each applicant. Users will be able to invest in the launchpad’s available projects once their KYC verification is complete, and again, there is no staking required.

TDX is an attempt to help retail investors make mindful decisions during initial decentralized exchange offerings and protect them from investing in any low-quality coins. Instead, they can invest in projects that are truly changing the way users interact with the blockchain as consumers in the next five to 10 years.

Exciting announcements are coming in the next couple of days to leave users awestruck. 

Users can join the TDX community today and stay tuned for more updates through the following links:


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