The metaverse is changing the notion of existence as the world knows it. There is a full-on revolution going on as individuals, brands and gamers create an alternate reality, taking all the lovely moments that define us into a virtual world. In this revolution, several projects have taken tidbits of the real world into the metaverse. None, however, lets people keep their fondest memories and tell their stories. 

At least, not until now.

An eternal digital legacy

Every passing day, people create new memories. Some are happy, and some are sad, but each one is unique. What if there was a way to keep these memories alive forever, share them with others and relive them whenever people wanted?

Enter Lifestory, a first-of-its-kind project letting people tell their story in the metaverse and a collection of 5,555 planets allowing owners to document their memories in the Lifeverse. 

In the Lifeverse, users can store memories as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can be public or private, and they are stored on something called Timelines. These Timelines can be visited by guests who land their spaceships on a user’s planet.

Imagine a user being able to take a trip down memory lane or show their children and grandchildren what life was like “back in the day.”

It doesn’t matter if someone is a celebrity, brand, scientist or proud father — everyone has a story to tell, and Lifestory is the perfect platform to do it.

Parents can record their child’s life

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It’s a time when one learns about themselves, their partner and their new family. But it’s also a time when memories are made — memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether a child is just starting to crawl as a baby, taking their first steps as a toddler or graduating from college as a young adult, Lifestory is there to help users remember and share these special moments.

With Lifestory, users can create personalized timelines that contain all of their baby’s milestones. They can add pictures, videos and even audio recordings. Additionally, they can invite others to visit their planet and share memories.

Users can share their passions

As someone progresses in their passion, they undoubtedly experience many highs and lows. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to document all of these experiences and share them with others? By inviting others to contribute their own memories and stories, a user can build a community of peers and supporters.

Exploration of the Lifeverse

Once all 5,555 planets have been sold, users can receive spaceships allowing them to travel to a planet, where they will be welcomed in the planet’s lobby.

The lobby will be a great place to hang out with friends and show off the planet. It can be used to access other areas on a planet, such as a museum or a timeline room.

The Lifestory museum is a modern twist on the traditional museum. It’s a place where one can view their lived or bought moments, special artifacts and highlights of one’s journey. 

The timeline room can grant visitors access to one or multiple timelines of the planet. Some of them will allow users and approved guests to relive the user’s memory or the memories of friends and relatives. Other timelines might retrace the history of a user’s planet, the bond they have with a brand or one of their passions.

Moments and skins to showcase one’s life

Moments are digital anchors that can be anything from photos, videos, audio or even text. They can be real or fictional and constitute unique digitized memories. If desired, these moments can be sold to other users via Lifestory’s integrated marketplace.

Skins are digital assets that users can use to customize planets, timelines, spaceships and moments. Skins can be sold and bought on the integrated marketplace or used as an investment to profit. 

Immerse In VR

With the mobile app, users can create timelines and 2D moments with depth effects. The app’s virtual reality (VR) capabilities make it possible for people to experience memories as if they’re being lived again. 

Users can share their stories

Lifestory is more than a platform for sharing memories: It’s a new way to experience life. With Lifestory, one can travel back in time, explore other cultures and make new friends worldwide. The Lifestory planets will go on presale in May. This is one’s chance to get their hands on one of the 5,555 unique planets and be a part of something truly special.