The AceMeta Company, the Web3 rights holder of The Wandering Earth, will exclusively issue The Wandering Earth — Odyssey. This digital collection on PlatON Network will be available during a limited presale hosted on the NiftyIN platform during the Token2049 conference (Sept. 13–14).


As a space education project backed by a top IP, the core of The Wandering Earth — Odyssey is to pay homage to the themes of the original text: space exploration, humanity, preservation and respect for life. Through warm storytelling led by loveable characters that embody the planets in the solar system, intimate details of the intricate relationships between the planets, stars and other celestial bodies are divulged.

The Wandering Earth is a novel written by Liu Cixin and published in China in 2000. After winning multiple literature awards, it is now considered essential reading for all sci-fi fans globally. It was first translated into English in 2017 and explores themes of unity and working together to overcome all obstacles for a better world. Specifically, the novel delves deep into the challenges, sacrifices and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of such a colossal endeavor, touching upon themes of survival, unity and the inexorable march of time.

The Wandering Earth — Odyssey is more than just a collection of nonfungible tokens (NFTs); it’s a visual feast of astronomy and sci-fi that touches every beating heart, regardless of age or background. It originated from a novel that insightfully depicts human nature and destiny, and now, AceMeta joins hands with PlatON to infuse it with new vitality using NFT technology, bridging the evolving media ecosystem and creating this dreamy Web3 journey together.

NFTs are digital assets based on blockchain technology that not only grant creators unique ownership of their digital works but also bring digitalization and uniqueness to their assets. Many famous IPs from fields such as movies, music, sports, etc. have transformed their precious content and creativity into NFTs, thus creating a new value model for digital media.

The series of NFTs is expected to launch a limited sale during Token2049 on NiftyIN (, an intelligent aggregation tool platform for NFTs and GameFi, and start its official mint in Q4 2023. NFT holders will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A wonderful space education journey.
  2. Intellectual property protection.
  3. Exclusive brand merchandise.
  4. Unlimited expansion based on blockchain.

Regarding this cooperation, Shawn Lim, CEO of AceMeta, said:

“We are honored to cooperate with PlatON, a leading blockchain platform, to launch The Wandering Earth digital collection. We think this is a meaningful attempt to facilitate more people familiarizing themselves with blockchain technology in a fun and engaging way. We have created some stunning art facilitated on PlatON and are also looking forward to seeing blockchain technology play a bigger role in the field of space education and sci-fi.”

PlatON ecosystem leader Audrey said:

“We are very excited to cooperate with the AceMeta team to jointly explore the future of the space. We believe that blockchain technology and the sci-fi genre are a natural marriage; both exist and grow with the idea of exploring different futures. Through this cooperation, we provide unique lore and concept art for the vast number of blockchain enthusiasts and sci-fi fans, as well as bring more innovation and cooperation opportunities for the blockchain industry and sci-fi industry.”

This cooperation is the first between PlatON and AceMeta, as well as an innovative cross-border cooperation between the blockchain industry and space sci-fi works. It aims to showcase the unique fusion of space exploration, space travel, technology and creativity through NFT collectibles and concept art and jointly explore future sci-fi. For more information, please follow PlatON’s and The Wandering Earth’s official Twitter accounts.