Wemix is introducing its new mainnet, Wemix 3.0 and a 100%-collateralized stablecoin, Wemix (USDW), for its platform-driven, service-oriented mega-ecosystem. The team aims to create a secure mainnet fused with a stablecoin protocol to expand and develop the ecosystem with the partners of Wemix. 

Decentralization, security, scalability

The launch of the testnet on July 1 will focus on three major components — decentralization, security and scalability — and continue until all compromises and loopholes have been found and corrected. 

Wemix 3.0 has incorporated various skills and worked with advanced and verified partners to meet the main requirements of blockchain networks. It will operate with 40 decentralized nodes to create the safest environment from external threats. The mainnet itself was developed to create a public chain where games, decentralized finance protocols and other blockchain services can smoothly transition and join the network.

A 100%-collateralized stablecoin

Wemix will issue its own stablecoin, USDW, 100% collateralized on-chain and off-chain with secure assets such as USD Coin (USDC) and fiat currencies. 

The Wemix stablecoin functions as a value store, account unit and exchange medium in the ecosystem, encompassing all of the Wemix 3.0 ecosystem’s assets. 

Wemix Play, Nile DAO and DeFi protocols 

Wemix introduces three pillars of its foundation: Wemix Play, NFT Is Life Evolution (Nile) and DeFi services, where the Wemix token and Wemix dollar become the key currency of these three platforms. 

Wemix Play strives to become the best blockchain-gaming platform, where users can earn resources from games on the Wemix Game chain and invest those resources in other games through play-and-earn and payment paradigms. 

With Nile, users can create and manage various decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) projects focused on concerts, art exhibitions, sports games, on- and off-chain investments, real estate businesses and more. The Neith protocol by Wemade and smart contracts allow users to create independent communities and operate transparently. 

Wemix’s DeFi services include highly-secured on-chain swaps, staking programs, bridges, crypto bonds, chain-wide auctions and Wemix stablecoin lending with rapid, safe transfers. 

“Wemix, which is already a proven blockchain-gaming platform, plans to expand the Wemix ecosystem with Wemix 3.0,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “The Wemix (stablecoin) will be a basis for a stable economic system, while the ecosystem is expanding to fully include game, DAO, nonfungible token and DeFi areas, creating a powerful original mainnet.”

Watch the YouTube video on the official Wemix website.