We, the bitcastle team, are pleased to announce the implementation of our main function: the cryptocurrency binary option.

We believe that binary options are the best first step toward our vision of “providing financial services to everyone,” as the rules are very simple, easy to understand, and relatively easy to enter for novice users.

The following is an explanation of the binary options function.

“High&Low” trading rules

Predict whether the price after a predetermined set number of seconds in each mode is higher or lower than the price at the time of the order. If the prediction is correct, you will get a return based on the payout.

Bitcastle’s new content: Binary options — “High&Low”

The system outline is as follows:

Order base currency (only one type):

Market (five types):


Modes (four types)


The options mode has a timeframe range of 15 minutes to one day.

“High&Low spread”

The type of spread that is attached to High&Low. The default payout rate is higher, thus it becomes a slightly more severe judgement than the conventional judgement.


This mode does not have the concept of a time frame cutoff, and the result will be displayed after a specified number of seconds from the order timing.

The shortest span is five seconds, which is the world’s fastest for cryptocurrency binary options, making it one of the main features on bitcastle.

Time frame: Five seconds to five minutes.

“Lightning Spread”

This is a spread attached to Lightning. It is slightly stricter than conventional ones, but the default payout rate is higher.

It boasts the highest default payout rate on bitcastle.

The “B-Cast System” is a unique system

B-Cast is the second official token issued by bitcastle.

This currency is designed to be used in High&Low and has two different effects upon payout.

*Details will be provided later.

Supported Platforms

  • PC Web 
  • Mobile Web

Lightning five seconds. The world’s fastest cryptocurrency binary options

There are several providers that deal with cryptocurrencies in the binary options industry, but it can be difficult to find a service that offers a time span of less than 30 seconds in the industry.

By obtaining continuous results in a short period of time, we find the potential for great profits from reinvestment.

The “B-Cast System” that increases the payout rate

The “B-Cast System” is a unique cryptocurrency system with an element that further evolves binary options and allows you to experience the appeal of bitcastle.

B-Cast works by increasing the payout multiplier.

The fact is that the increasing payout multiplier has a significant impact on the results and the expected value of binary options. There are two types of this effect.

(1) B-Cast rank changes according to the amount of B-Cast held; the payout multiplier increases according to B-Cast rank

B-Cast rank is a title that is given according to the amount of B-Cast you have.

This was born from the idea of giving compensation based on the level of support for bitcastle.

For the four B-Cast ranks and for each rank increase, the default payout multiplier will be increased by 0.1.

Ranking details:

King rank: 

  • Hold >300,000 BCAST 
  • Payout multiplier: 2.1 times (max payout rate)

Duke rank: 

  • Hold 100,000–299,999 BCAST 
  • Payout multiplier: 2.0 times

Knight rank: 

  • Hold 50,000–99,999 BCAST  
  • Payout multiplier: 1.9 times


  • Hold
  • Payout multiplier: 1.8 times (default rate)

(2) Increase the payout ratio of each trade by consuming B-Cast

In other words, users can increase their payout multiplier by using B-Cast.


  • $1 worth of B-Cast is required for a payout multiplier of 0.01.
  • $30 worth of B-CAST is required for a payout multiplier of 0.3, and so on.

This can be multiplied with the default multiplier increase by B-Cast rank to get a larger payout multiplier, so you can maximize the expected value by using it in a winning situation.

As the payout multiplier increases, the expected value during binary options trading increases by that amount. If the expected value is positive, then, theoretically, the more you trade, the more profits you will make.

The world’s fastest crypto binary option. “Lightning” x “B-Cast system” = Lightning shock experience

Having combined bitcastle’s aforementioned unique characteristics, we created a new and unprecedented user experience.

Although bitcastle has shortened the time limit to five seconds in Lightning, the user experience remains unhindered and exciting.

The first effect of the B-Cast system, which can raise the expected value steadily, is the return to the initial investors.

Naturally, you can also increase your rank by buying more B-Cast after it becomes listed.

The second effect of the B-Cast system is to increase the payout multiplier on its own, which makes it easier to win.

The combination of these systems, which have created an unparalleled, unique experience, can only be found on bitcastle.

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