The We Own Sea (WOS) Club’s nonfungible token (NFT) project was born from the meeting of three friends: one passionate about blockchain and web development, the other well-versed in the stock and crypto markets, and the last in resource management and investment.

How the WOS Club was born 

As of July 2021, the WOS Club was developing an NFT collection project, but it realized it didn’t hold the ultimate goal of making money for its own sake. It wanted to bring another dimension to the table — a bigger goal with a real impact beyond the blockchain world.

Laurent had the brilliant idea of creating an NFT that had never been seen before on the Ethereum blockchain: 3D sharks. John, meanwhile, wanted to lend an ecological angle to the project by donating a large amount of the money earned to associations that protect marine animals. 

NFT sharks protecting the ocean’s sharks 

The NFT sharks of the WOS Club represent the ocean and the fragility of a species constantly harassed by humans for the consumption of its fins. The concept of the financial shark is a familiar one, and the idea of using its symbol in the crypto and NFT world to help its species is apt. 

High-quality, casual and chic 3D design

The WOS Club searched for a long time for a design agency capable of creating an outstanding collection that symbolizes French luxury but also the themes it is passionate about: geek, manga and punk motifs. 

It found the ideal agency through John’s connections: A renowned studio that had already worked with big brands such as Dior and Nike. The agency has now been involved in the project for several months to produce high-quality 3D designs.

These NFTs tout more than 170 different attributes with five to 10 traits each, created with extraordinary detail. Those interested can view the project on the official website or Twitter page. 

The focus is on the smallest stroke: Each shark must be perfect and reflect the chic and casual style of the WOS Club.

Watch a promotional video about the NFT shark collection below: 

The WOS Club roadmap

There are three main stages: the NFT sharks minting, the NFT whales minting and the final breeding stage.

It is possible to get a whitelist for each mint by participating in giveaways or by inviting friends to the WOS Club’s Discord.

The whitelist gives access to very interesting advantages. One such advantage is the act of minting two NFT sharks at a special rate of 0.15 Ether (ETH) instead of 0.16 ETH, avoiding worse gas fees.

Halfway through the minting of the collection, holders will be rewarded: A random draw will occur and luxury watches with a minimum value of $13,500 will be offered. Each time a collection is sold out, an association advocating the protection of marine animals will receive $50,000.

Two partnerships have been arranged with such associations: the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund. The roadmap also holds other surprises for investors:

  • Distribution of 40% of all resale royalties — 30% given to the associations.
  • Luxury trips to prestigious hotels such as the Ritz Paris or the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma.
  • An online store of derivative products will open that will introduce original products to the world of NFTs.
  • At the end of the project, plans are to create exclusive Shark NFTs that will be auctioned for the exclusive benefit of partner associations.

Why join the WOS Club?

NFT investors and fans are increasingly disappointed by projects that lack seriousness; the WOS Club is an opportunity to focus on a collection with reliable founders for a beneficial and long-term vision.

A substantial portion of the budget has been invested to meet the requirements of the most demanding collectors: Shark holders will be proud to own NFT artwork of such high quality.

The WOS Club is sincerely committed to a cause that goes beyond the world of blockchain through real partnerships with associations that work every year to help the planet and animals.

If all of these elements catch your attention, there is still time for you to be a part of the adventure by joining the WOS Club: