• After four editions based on digital innovations related to Estrella Galicia’s value chain, especially in support of the hospitality channel, the program takes another step toward the exploration and development of Web3 initiatives.
  • In its fifth edition, TheHop will focus on Web3, searching the entrepreneur ecosystem for use cases related to metaverse platforms, asset tokenization, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DAOs.
  • To do so, the initiative TheHop Web3 Ventures has been launched, which will have three main collaborators: Telefónica Tech, Bit2Me and AWS, with which it will begin its first projects, and it will have the support of Valhalla as an innovation partner.

Nov. 17 — The fourth edition of TheHop comes to a close this year, ending a cycle of four editions in which more than 35 pilot projects were undertaken in Spain and Brazil, with different startups, companies and organizations, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IE Business School, Amazon Web Services (AWS), among others, and partnering with the innovation consultancy Valhalla. The program has evolved every year, initially focusing on key areas of the Estrella Galicia group and, since 2020, with the main focus on the use of digital solutions that bring value to hospitality and the end-consumer, obtaining multiple insights of value and promoting different initiatives.

The evolution of TheHop has been unstoppable, adapting to the needs and opportunities of the company and the market. For this reason, now in its fifth edition, TheHop goes one step further and launches the TheHop Web3 Ventures program, the Web3 innovation vehicle of MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital. Through this program, Estrella Galicia will approach this new ecosystem and explore the opportunities it can bring to the company.

Over the last few years, Web3 has been experiencing a huge growth in adoption globally, and many companies are starting to position themselves in this new territory, from major technology companies to automotive companies to restaurant chains.

JJ Delgado, general manager of MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital, said:

“in line with our philosophy of doing things differently, we are going to immerse ourselves in the Web3 ecosystem to create and incorporate solutions which bring value to our community. We recently announced our commitment to decentralize BigCrafters.com, the marketplace for artisan products which we launched a few months ago, and where we are going to identify Web3 use cases which allow us to work towards our goal.”

The aim of TheHop Web3 Ventures is to develop new internal capacities, explore the new opportunities potentially offered by Web3 and co-create different initiatives with companies that are key in the Web3 ecosystem in areas such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, tokenization, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and metaverse platforms, using the methodology, network and learning obtained through TheHop.

Gerard Gracia, head of digital business innovation at MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital, highlighted:

“TheHop Web3 Ventures starts this new adventure once again accompanied by the consultancy Valhalla and by three collaborators that are key in this sector, Telefónica Tech, Bit2Me and AWS, and will be incorporating new allies in the coming months. Any Web3 company will be able to connect with TheHop through its new website to propose projects to bring value to the initiatives we are to undertake. Once they have been evaluated, we will approach each of them based on the needs of each project.” 

In 2023, we will be able to see the first Web3 projects promoted by TheHop, so we will keep an eye on the different initiatives that are being developed.