MINE Network is the first decentralized multi-chain standard hash rate token protocol. The project was designed for the sole purpose of solving pressing issues of miners on multi-chains such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Filecoin (FIL), Litecoin (LTC), among a plethora of chains.

Mining is an important activity in the cryptocurrency industry. It is often regarded as the backbone of the space. Without it, the network would be dysfunctional and just like any other crypto activity, but it comes with its own set of challenges. As the industry develops further, technological innovations like MINE Network are redefining the concept of crypto mining by providing solutions to the challenges of the sector.

MINE Network aims to standardize the mining power from various mining pools for a list of mining projects. The protocol will also issue different standard hash rate tokens (pTokens). Every standardized pToken is a synthetic token representing a part of the mining power from a specific blockchain. The hash rate tokens' liquidity is at an added advantage due to their ability to be integrated with cross-chain decentralized finance protocols including DEXs, Polkadot Loan Protocols, Ethereum Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, Binance Smart Chain and others.

MINE Network also seeks to leverage Substrate's off-chain oracle workers (OCW) to track on-chain revenue data from several mining projects in real-time and upload revenue information to ensure openness and transparency for retail miners.

A passion to transform the mining industry

MINE Network is an emerging blockchain project oriented towards revolutionizing the mining industry. The project is driven by an unwavering passion for solving mining issues on multiple blockchains that often tend to impede miners. With a novel open-source system and leading-edge technological applications, the standard hash rate token protocol is poised to lead the next wave of crypto mining that will propel the industry forward. The project revolves around establishing a decentralized mining system that will profit miners in all ramifications and also benefit the environment.

MINE Network is fully dedicated to positively influencing the mining sector. From providing end-users all the necessary tools to easily implement their own self-reliant machineless mining configurations without having to purchase mining gear and spend so much on maintenance and upgrades, to enabling users to operate in a highly credible and standardized self-sustaining ecosystem as well as contributing to the adoption of clean energy in the mining sector, the protocol poses a disruptive innovation with promising potentials.

MINE Network will transform the mining sector by establishing a premier multi-chain standard hash rate token protocol– a leading solution provider in the industry. The protocol will improve the carbon footprint by incentivizing miners to employ greener procedures of mining.

The project is also building the first mining game based on real mining rewards with a sustainable in-game economy that will connect conventional mining to GameFi.

With an innovative team of experts including Andreas Aschenbrenner (project lead & head of communication), Michael Lee (lead developer), Vladan Falcic (head of marketing), Mahmoud El Hallab (head of operations), Zander Mai (head of content), Philippe Dee (senior blockchain developer), and David Lee (senior smart contract developer), MINE Network is prepared to establish continued advancement in the mining sector.

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