Trading virtual real estate is not a new thing in the crypto world, but a project called ZIQ is doing it differently by combining virtual real estate with real-world maps. ZIQ was first created to build a software or platform infrastructure where blockchain or cryptocurrency can be used, utilized and consumed in practice by users. One of the platforms currently being built is ZIQ World, which is a metaverse where users can trade virtual real estate based on 3D maps in real-time.

In this metaverse, users trade ZIQ tokens called “tiles” and one tile is implemented in 30 square meters. For this reason, each region of the ZIQ World is made up of a different number of grid tiles. For example, the Korea region, which will be opened first on October 28, 2021, has a total of 112 million tiles. The update schedules for the following regions have been confirmed: Shanghai, Beijing, the China area, New York, the United States of America area, London, the United Kingdom area, Tokyo, the Japan area, Paris, the French area and more to come.

There are two ways that users can trade tiles: one is buying at a forced price, which means users could pay an additional ZIQ token equal to 30% of the most recent traded price to forcibly take those tiles; and another is to buy at the user’s price, which means users can buy at the price set by the most recent tile owner. Virtual real estate in ZIQ World Trading between all users is traded and concluded in real-time on the map, and recent transactions are displayed on the graph of each tile.

The ZIQ token used in trading tiles is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 smart contract token, and it has already been listed on other trading platforms, including LBank Exchange. The total issued supply of ZIQ tokens is 3 billion (i.e., 3,000,000,000 ZIQ), and 70% of it will be provided for staking, which will start in November 2021. All users will receive a staking interest in ZIQ tokens equivalent to 20% of the asset value if they hold 10,000 tiles or more before the ZIQ TIME reaches 00:00:00 at the end of each month and is initialized. To receive a 20% staking interest, users must continue to trade while defending tiles to hold more than 10,000 tiles before the ZIQ TIME is reset every month.

Besides this instant 30% profit through forced trading and 20% interest staking per month for holding 10,000 tiles or more, users can also use ZIQ tokens to purchase nonfungible token (NFT) ownership of 3D virtual real estate objects, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, the platform will go beyond that by including 3D objects like vehicles, people and other animals to build a true 3D metaverse. The ZIQ project has a plan to launch a separate marketplace for these in the form of NFTs in the future.

Utilizing crypto in various ways

The ZIQ World is only a part of the whole ZIQ project. There are already two other platforms and software being provided: ZIG QUEST and ZIQ Wallet.

ZIG QUEST is a real-time job search and matching platform based on map and user location. The platform was launched on May 16, 2021, and has more than 20,000 users so far. It updates 900 to 1,200 job information data every day and provides services to users such as real-time user chat, transaction transfer, job search review, evaluation and history management. ZIQ tokens are used for payment between users, payment escrow and the purchase of paid services on ZIG QUEST.

ZIQ Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet for ZIQ tokens and Ethereum. Although it currently only supports Korean, English and Chinese will be updated in the future. Users can download ZIQ Wallet through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and use it immediately.

In addition, the ZIQ project team plans to develop more platforms and software where ZIQ tokens can be utilized in various ways.

The beginning of the future

With a well-planned roadmap ahead, this is only the beginning of the ZIQ project’s future to realize its full potential. By the end of Q4 2021, the project plans to open more than 15 local trades around the ZIQ World. To further expand its global reach, the ZIQ project collaborates with platforms like LBank Exchange to list its native token, which can significantly improve the liquidity of the ZIQ token.

The well-experienced project team has already established partnerships with more than 20 national universities in Korea and more than 30 private business partners. It continues to strengthen its capabilities and expand its presence in East Asia—particularly Korea, Japan, and China—by hiring development talent and participating in joint research and development endeavors.

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