Thrupenny, a formidable contender in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena, has secured a resounding victory after emerging as the undisputed winner in the ninth round of the HTX Primevote, organized by the leading crypto exchange HTX. 

In particular, Thrupenny’s native token, TPY, has defeated a formidable lineup of crypto projects in HTX’s high-stakes competition, culminating in securing a listing on the HTX Exchange. 

Effectively, this remarkable dual achievement is not only a testament to Thrupenny's visionary approach to the DeFi sector. It also underscores the incredible potential for substantial growth as it demonstrates the significant attention TPY has garnered within the crypto community.

HTX’s Primevote is a fiercely competitive Vote to List program where crypto enthusiasts participate en masse to democratically vote for their preferred crypto project. The ninth round bore witness to Thrupenny's extraordinary preference among crypto market participants.

Emphatically, Thrupenny's TPY amassed 198,059,874 votes, a staggering figure more than ten times the vote TPY's closest competitor managed to get. This victory is a testament to Thrupenny's unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions, having outperformed formidable contenders during the process.

“The dual victory of clinching first place in HTX Primevote 9 and securing a listing on HTX Exchange is a momentous achievement for Thrupenny,” remarked Alvis Leong, CEO of Thrupenny. “It underscores our resolute commitment to redefining the DeFi landscape and making it accessible to all. We firmly believe in a future where DeFi empowers individuals globally, and this success reaffirms our dedication to this vision.”

Thrupenny's vision for the DeFi space aligns seamlessly with the remarkable growth in its user base and the substantial total value locked within its ecosystem. The company's flagship crypto product offerings have garnered traction from the crypto community due to their user-friendly design and advanced features.

Reacting to the TPY’s victory, Daniel Leong, co-founder of Thrupenny, expressed delight about the exceptional feat and shared insights into the company's mission. 

“Thrupenny was founded on the principles of innovation and accessibility. Our products are designed to provide a seamless entry point into the DeFi sector. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries and witness our community's continued growth.”

Thrupenny's success in HTX’s 9 Primevote and listing on the HTX Exchange represents a triumph for the company and a significant milestone for the DeFi community. The company's focus on enhancing the user experience, ensuring security, and driving innovation positions it to substantially impact the DeFi space.

As Thrupenny continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the DeFi community eagerly awaits the next steps in its journey to redefine the DeFi landscape, ultimately making it more accessible to all.

About Thrupenny

Thrupenny is a dominant player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, dedicated to providing innovative and user-friendly solutions. The company's crypto products are designed to empower individuals in the DeFi sector, offering a seamless and secure experience.