The most-promising campaign in crypto history is already in motion. TNC Coin will have its first exchange listing on April 30, 2020. TNC IT Group, the company that was very vocal with their goal of “uniting the cryptocurrency world” has successfully launched their TNC Coin and established the crypto merger system.

With this system, the TNC listing process will set new rules in the crypto market which is different from ICO or IEO procedures. This new way of listing refers to the token swap and rebranding that is an integral part of the crypto merger system.

The TNC Crypto M&A program, also referred to as crypto mergers, is the campaign in which TNC sets out to merge with around 500 crypto companies. The TNC merger team already reviewed the first merger group of 100 companies. Out of these, five selected companies will be open to the public in the initial listing.

After making the necessary preparations, TNC Coin will list on a top crypto exchange on April 30, 2020. This listing will include over 20 different top global exchanges which will be revealed on the same date. With this listing process, the company will have a very expandable blockchain ecosystem that coincides with the Crypto M&A initiative.

TNC IT Group is expecting very positive results in the listing of TNC Coin. The team explained that there are several things the blockchain community should be excited about when it comes to the TNC Coin listing.

These are the following:

  1. Continuous expansion with merger companies
  2. Building a blockchain engineer pool with merger companies
  3. Integrating blockchain technology from the merger companies to become a global blockchain development company

TNC’s very own Crypto M&A is experiencing great success after the company’s extensive efforts. Through the mergers, TNC Coin will continuously add more exchange listings and gain a massive number of users. This expansion will establish the foundation to build the utilization of the true blockchain ecosystem. Each step of the merger will reinforce the technology and engineers into the project which means along the way of this crypto merger you may see the market adoption faster than ever.

Through the group’s M&A program, merger companies’ developers will create a huge network within the TNC project where they can collaborate and exchange information that may help in their projects to the next stage. This newly-developed collaboration method will drive blockchain technology to become truly decentralized. It will generate more opportunities and create new markets with government and corporate levels of demand.

Initially, TNC already has gathered a pool of more than 300 developers to kick off the Crypto M&A project. With its huge efforts to synergize between its partner companies and other technology-focused enterprises, TNC is determined to form a global consortium among 10,000 and more blockchain developers with different specializations and skillsets. As the merger continues, more developers and companies will be added to form the unified entity. Blockchain technology is still new in the market where it needs to be studied more so TNC project planning will mature the technology with help of gathering the workforce from the merger companies.

Now, the crypto M&A is ready to show its potential in the market for not only the public, but also for the blockchain companies. Expectations toward the crypto market situation will be reflected in the value of TNC coin that will show up on the crypto exchanges. More participation and support will be the first in the history of cryptocurrency and the first-ever attempt of crypto mergers.