Free TON has rewarded over 140 million TON Crystals in just over half a year since the announcement of its contests back in May 2020. Since then, Free TON has rewarded its main governance contest winners, partners and sub-governance groups that work to help scale the network with over 140 million TONs. 

Free TON — a fully decentralized self-governed blockchain focused on giving power back to the community through dedication toward freedom of speech, information and software — has surpassed a milestone for decentralized autonomous organizations and decentralized governance anywhere. 

Since the launch of its first contest, Free TON and its exponentially growing community base of users, developers, creators and validators have been churning out contest proposals to power and propel the network forward. The DePools Validators Contest alone has distributed over 3 million TONs to 200 winners, while the Magister Ludi game brought 400+ new validators to the network. With over 100 total proposals created to-date and 2,100 active Free TON community forum participants continually pushing the contests forward, it’s no wonder that Free TON has flourished into a 30,900+ global base of community members, developers and validators.

There are a lot of ways one can participate in the Free TON Community. If you, too, believe that the user should be at the center of decisions, join us. Submit proposals, earn rewards in contests, use apps on Free TON, build apps through the open-source code, send and receive TON crystals, and much more. There is something for everyone — and if there isn’t, you can make it happen.

From its main governance to partnerships, sub-governances and even esports and social media, the members of Free TON have nurtured global relationships with top blockchain revolutionaries such as Decentraland, Cointelegraph, World Chess, Combot, AdGram,, QuickAppNinja, ChatEx and Broxus, which, when combined, represent tens of millions of users. Free TON also has a blockchain explorer and a crypto wallet with a secure chat (messenger) and browser.

Free TON was born free from day one through decentralized governance in its DNA. All decisions are made through proposals and contests that are voted upon by community members. The protocol represents an opportunity to create a massively scalable network benefiting hundreds of millions of people. Centered around smart contracts with easy-to-use tools for developers and users, it can promote free trade, equal opportunities, censorship resistance, scalability and cooperation during an unprecedented threat from a pandemic and an economic crisis. The future is free.

Joanne Eberhardt is an advocate of freedom, decentralized technology, finance, and is an active first member of the Free TON Community Voice Sub-governance.