Featuring their first drop, an officially licensed Call of Duty Levitating Statue

Cheyenne, Wyoming September 29, 2023 — Token Society, Inc and Locke Holdings, LLC announce today they are thrilled to jointly unveil Dazzy.io, a cutting-edge web3 platform dedicated to the world of physical and digital collectibles, gaming assets and exclusive merch. Dazzy.io offers users a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of physical and digital collectables, with a seamless experience designed to elevate the collector's journey.

Ryan Lewis, Co-Founder of Dazzy.io, said:

"Dazzy.io is not just a marketplace; it stands as a dazzling testament to the transformative journey of physical and digital collectibles in the expansive realm of web3 and gaming. Our collaboration with Token Society, Inc, and the innovative use of Web3 technology position us to cater to the growing demands of a dynamic market while providing an immersive experience for collectors and gamers."

Discover Dazzables: Your Gateway to Unique Collectables

At the heart of Dazzy.io are "Dazzables" – a collection of unique and officially licensed, limited-edition collectibles that encompass both physical and digital realms. Dazzables are meticulously crafted to offer collectors an unparalleled experience, and here's why Dazzy.io is a game-changer:

  1. Digital Proof of Purchase (POP) for All Physical Collectables: Every physical collectable acquired on Dazzy.io comes with a digital proof of purchase. This Ethereum blockchain-backed certificate ensures the authenticity and provenance of your collectible.
  2. Flexibility to Redeem or Store: Dazzy.io empowers collectors to make choices. You can choose to redeem your physical collectible, having it shipped directly to your doorstep. Alternatively, opt for the Dazzy Vault – a secure storage solution in the United States, that safeguards your treasures for a small monthly fee.
  3. Seamless Selling on the Dazzy.io Marketplace: Should you decide to part ways with your cherished collectible, Dazzy.io's marketplace is your go-to destination. List your item for sale, backed by its digital proof of purchase, and connect with a community of fellow collectors.

First Drop: Call of Duty - Iconic Map Series

Our inaugural offering on Dazzy.io is the highly anticipated Call of Duty - Iconic Map Series. This collection features gamified magnetic levitating sculptures, with the first release showcasing the iconic Rust Map, accompanied by the Ghost character hovering above. These officially licensed, levitating collectibles will offer an immersive experience to fans of the iconic Call of Duty franchise and collectors alike. Exclusive Call of Duty merchandise and access to both online and IRL events are just some of the additional perks and utility that are also included with purchase.

Dazzy.io: Beyond Collectibles - Uniting the Web3 Collectors' Community

Scott H Weissman, CEO of Token Society and Co-Founder of Dazzy stated:

"At Dazzy, we're not just about creating exceptional physical and digital collectibles or providing a web3 marketplace for acquiring and trading. We're dedicated to forging a dynamic community of collectors that extends beyond the blockchain. With each collection we unveil on Dazzy.io, our mission is to unite collectors, both in the metaverse and in real life. Through thoughtfully orchestrated events, whether in the digital realm or in-person (IRL), we offer an immersive experience that transcends traditional collecting.”

Global Growth of the Collectible Market

The launch of Dazzy.io comes at a pivotal time for the collectibles industry. Recent industry statistics reveal the remarkable growth of the global collectible market, underscoring the demand for innovative platforms like Dazzy.io. According to MarketDecipher, the collectible market was valued at $458billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2033. This upward trend demonstrates the enduring passion collectors have for tangible, unique items that hold cultural and sentimental value.

Token Society, Inc and Locke Holdings, LLC are committed to delivering innovative and compelling opportunities to collectors, leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the limitless potential of web3. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine the way collectors connect with their passions.

For media inquiries, partnerships, or more information about Dazzy.io, please contact: info@dazzy.io.

Website: Dazzy.io.

Social Media: Twitter/X @dazzables, IG: @dazzy.io.

About Token Society, Inc

Token Society, Inc is a leading web3 investor and incubator dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Our mission is to empower creators, collectors, and enthusiasts by providing cutting-edge solutions that merge the digital and physical worlds.

About Locke Holdings, LLC

Locke Holdings is a leading intellectual property repository in the burgeoning realm of Web 3. Boasting an impressive portfolio of major brands including Call of Duty, Narcos TV show and various other iconic franchises. Locke Holdings is committed to shaping the future of digital entertainment and providing a seamless bridge between traditional and decentralized ecosystems.